The Boogeyman

You wake up in a sweat. You smell like fear and the thing under your bed knows it. You leap out of your bed and look around in the dark frantically searching for any sign of life. It’s just you, but what was that noise? It’s coming from the closet. You throw the doors open and see nothing but clothes. Again you hear it–scratching as though something were trying to claw its way out of hell. You run for the window–perhaps someone is outside? A cat maybe? You hope and the closer you get, the louder the noise. You see nothing out the window, but still the scratching is there and it’s deafeningly loud. What is that? Terror takes over your body and you’re frozen. Something slowly and gently strokes your leg and you feel drops of sweat fall onto my clothes. What is it? What does it want? Will I ever escape? You can’t run to hide or get out of here! “Someone help!” You scream, but your mouth is closed. It can’t open! You start into an outright panic. Your chest is heaving and your body pains as you try to move your legs. The hand has now tightened its grip on your ankle. You want to cry out, but your mouth is stuck shut tight. You begin to feel like you will never breathe again. Suddenly there are two hands pulling at you–dragging you. You try to fight to get out of their grip, but they grip tighter and drag you. Down you go, deeper and deeper under your bed. The darkness–the great engulfing darkness. It is only once you are deep within this darkness that you realize something you hadn’t before–it is you. The vile, dark part of you. The part you never knew you had. It’s dragging you. Down. Down.

Fear. Panic. Horror. Shock. All pulse through veins as you realize that within is a darker evil than you even knew. A part of you that remained hidden until the darkness fell and you begin to fear the demon inside. You put it under your head, but you can no longer remember when. For years he waited, grew. Darker and darker. Stronger and stronger. Until one night, he caught you. In your fear, he caught you.

You are now staring at him face-to-face. He smiles a sickening smile at you as you try to get away. How do you run away from your own evil–can you? The darkness deep within–can you escape your darkness? Staring down your own wickedness is a hard thing. You know that now. All those years of righteous deeds you’d thought you’d done; they all amounted to this thing under your bed. When did your righteousness become this demon under your bed? You can’t tell. When….when….when….You ask over and over. There is no answer. You can never know where it began, because you never thought of it as evil when you first let this demon under your bed. Now it is too late–he has come for you.

Hello all my darling avidReaders. I know the above is bleak and dark. I found it appropriate for Friday the 13th.

I wanted to tell you something. If this resonated with you in any way and you want to talk further, you know where to find my socials. DM me on Instagram or FB and just talk to me. I won’t judge you or get irritated and ignore you. I am never too busy for any of you.

God bless all of you, my darling avidReaders!💖 Have a lovely weekend. Happy Triskaidekaphobia day!

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