How Long Is This Call?

I’m sure you’ve all had that day where you’ve had to sit on the phone for ages waiting for someone to answer on the other side or perhaps you’re the kind that loves to check their social media daily every minute. I’m not confessing to anything here. I can neither confirm nor deny the time I spend daily on my phone. I’m on a call centre and our call lines most days are bezerk. It makes the day fly by, though, so there’s that to be grateful for. Now, honestly how long does the average person sit on a phone call? Whether we use Whatsapp or phone normally, researchers in Tennessee noted that we check our phones every 10 minutes, that works out to about 96 times daily–scary right? I don’t often make phone calls, but when I do they are often very long. Friends, family or purely business that’s still a lot of calls. Shocked? Maybe you didn’t realize that your “quick” call was such a big deal. Although this was a survey conducted on Americans, it’s still scary. Don’t think because you live somewhere else this doesn’t apply to you–IT DOES. We all spend too much time on our phones. As I mentioned above, for some it’s business, for others pleasure. We have allowed these devices to control us.

I remember at my previous work place our boss said that we all (us millennials at least) have what is called “screen addiction”. The more I look at children my age and much, much younger, the more I realize that we, as a people, have become addicts to this phone screen. We live on social media. Now, look, it’s not necessarily wrong to use phones. What’s wrong is our dependence on them. We use them for music, play, communication. Communication–this is where social media comes into play.

If you haven’t had to sit on the phone lines for a long time count yourself lucky. Most people have to wait and wait and wait…AND wait. Trust me nothing kills you more on the inside like hearing the same tune over and over and still having poor service. It’s not all bad news though, the service of some companies make it all the worthwhile. They make that ringtone less painful.

In my job nothing kills me more than if I can’t help someone. I can imagine for myself the frustration I would feel as that person on the other end of the line. On that note, I best get moving. I have work to do.

God bless all of you, my precious avids.


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