Speaking Kerry

The next accent in our series is one called “Kerry”. It is rated one of the hardest accents to understand. It shares this position with Cork, another tough accent to understand.

The Kerry accent is very closely related to the Irish language in both structure and pronunciation. This dialect has lasted longer than anywhere else in the country.

In Ireland, Kerry people are often treated with disdain for their accent. They are publicly criticized and ridiculed; called horrible things such as “cute hoors” (whores) and Kerry mugs. The only exemption from this, will be Irish girls who attend school and thence have lessons in elocution. The boys, however, do not always have this luxury and will often inherit the accent or dialect of their hometown. This gives the girls an unnaturally beautiful and eloquent diction.

In Irish families, order of birth is very important as the younger sibling will often have a stronger accent than the older.

It would seem that Kerry is very hard to follow even among certain Irish folk. Phrases such as, “dheara/yerra”, “crator/cratuir” and “mighty” (this means “great!”) add a lot of colour to Kerry and, in my opinion, make it delightful. I have provided a link below should you be interested in the above phrases and many more including their various definitions.


I know this was a short piece. Most of the pieces I found were videos of people speaking Kerry. YouTube will have a lot of people speaking Kerry, so go have a listen. It really is something special.

God bless all of you, my darling avidReaders. Keep safe and I hope to write soon.

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