Living with Bi-Polar

I know I normally do research before I write anything, but today I’m going to write from my point of view.

So are there different types of BP? In answer to that: Yes. There are three stages:

Type 1: Now this would be the worse stage where you tend to have quite severe manic episodes, which can sometimes reach full-blown mania.

Type 2: This type is the one I have. Now it is very close to type 1, only the mood fluctuations don’t typically reach full-blown mania. I have had manic episodes. You don’t even know you are having one–it’s scary and embarrassing.

Type 3: Type 3 also known as “cyclothymia” is the mildest form of bi-polar disorder. In this stage your episodes cycle between hypomania and depression, but you can still manage them.

Every one struggling with the above knows this one simple fact: It’s something that won’t go away. Now, this doesn’t mean you are stuck in the trap of depression and anxiety. With the right type of medication and treatment you can live a perfectly normal life. I won’t lie to you and tell you that I’ve arrived–that I’m not struggling to cope myself. Because I am–daily. If not for my faith, I would be dead long ago. Something I never thought of, but probably should of, people with bi-polar tend to have suicidal tendencies. As I said above, people with bi-polar tend to have these. I, myself, have had moments like this, but as I have experienced–the right medication, the right people in your life and, in my case, my loving Father in Heaven–you will pull through. It can be scary to have any type of mental illness. I will never tell you it’s easy. I have a lot of friends who struggle with conditions such as Schizophrenia, OCD and Epilepsy and their lives are not easy. If you know someone like this, just show them love–pure unconditional love. They don’t need advice or to be told what to do. What they need is your ear, your support and just to know you’re there.

Another thing to be careful of is the people you surround yourself with. If you are constantly being surrounded by people who are just off-loading their negative baggage without reciprocating, you are likely to feel worse and never get to a point where you are better or at least where you feel better. Be surrounded by people who are positive. If your friends are constantly negative and are generally bringing you down all the time they are people you don’t want to be with. You have enough things to work through yourself without them adding to it. If you are in a situation where it can’t be avoided, leave the room or leave the house and go to a friend who you know will encourage and support you.

I also read in an article earlier this morning that changing your environment can help. As the saying goes “A change is as good as a holiday”. I’m going to give this a try with my workspace. It’s not the easiest idea, but hopefully it will work. (Holding thumbs)

Get out! Go out with friends. Have fun. See more people. It may be nerve-wracking, but do it. Again, make sure you do it with the right people, otherwise you might as well stay home. I go to a youth group every Wednesday and find that brings me great comfort. Seeing other people helps me feel better. I work from home so seeing other people is a welcome change.

And of course last, but never least. God. I will never shove the Word of God down anyone’s throats. However, I told you I would talk from my point of view. So here I will tell you that God has kept me alive over and over. Not even my own family can do that, but somehow God has kept me going. I feel like Job sometimes–bemoaning my lot in life. However this never helps. If you’ve never read the book of Job, I highly recommend you do. That man lost everything, but his blessing afterwards surpassed his suffering. If you decide to read this book I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

In conclusion, love yourself, stop looking at yourself and focus more on other people. Dwelling on your own thoughts is the worst thing you can do. Keep busy and have faith.

God bless you all, my darling avidReaders. Have a very Merry Christmas 🙂


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