Wednesday Never Came (For September 11th Victims)

It is the fortune of people
that the shadows
of our futures do not
lie heavy
on our minds.

We go about
our lives with
no worry for the future
that lies in wait,
with its pain and sorrow.

On Tuesday, they fought
with their spouses
over breakfast,
and planned to set it right,
but Wednesday never came.

On Tuesday the children
didn’t do their homework,
and they thought,
‘Tomorrow, I’ll do better, ‘
but Wednesday never came.

On Tuesday, they quarreled
with their parents,
and thought to say, ‘Sorry, ‘
to them later,
but Wednesday never came.

On Tuesday, they promised
to see Grandmother,
who had been alone, neglected
for so long,
but Wednesday never came.

On Tuesday they forgot
to kiss their spouses
because they were busy
earning a dollar,
and Wednesday never came.

So, beware of the
shadows of the future.
Prepare each day as though
it is our Tuesday., for
Wednesday may never come.

(This was written in grief for all the
victims of the 9/11 bombing of the
World Trade Building, New York,
the ones who never had a chance
to have a Wednesday.)

Don’t ever forget to appreciate your life and never take it for granted that you will live to see tomorrow. God bless you, my dear avidReaders and stay safe.

Far Too Soon: An Ode to 9/11

They left us,

Far too soon.

Amongst the rubble,

Thousands mourn.

We can never forget,

Cry tears of regret.

We thought there’d be more time,

Instead great tears we cry.

No more hellos,

No more goodbyes.


In desperation dug,

“Please, Lord, let us save just one!”

Our saviours died,

Saving our lives.

We’ll never forget, but always

A voice for those who never can.

It’s you we’ll always love–our heroes, loved ones and friends.

And it’s in your memory we band.

Let’s remember those poor souls who left the earth too soon. People who sacrificed their lives so that some may live.

God bless all of you and have a lovely weekend, my darling avidReaders.