The Dark Silence

It’s cold, the breeze beats against my chest. Is this what death is like? Am I dead? I want to scream, but someone already is. A dark, twisted scream. Like that of a demon. Why is a demon screaming? What is happening? That sick sound makes me shake with fear.

At last, the screams stop. Terror. Dread. Fear. So much violence in the silence. Then I hear something. Something to break the terrible silence. A whisper. Gentle, yet it pierces through me.

“Open.” It says. A shrill voice cries out and I hear the horde as their screams pierce the air. They open the portal and I shrivel back into my hiding place. Dark beasts rush out and fill the air. I want to run, but my legs have gone numb. I can’t breathe. What is happening?

The shrill screaming has gotten louder now mixed with an ungodly scream. Organic screams, like that of a hideous beast and more terrible than anything I’d ever heard or ever seen. What evil lurks here? And why can’t I run?

Keep safe, my precious avidReaders.

A Quiet Day in Hell

Silhouette of a woman;
All credits go to the original artist: Engin Akyurt

Stanza 1

If I could tell you the amount of times, I’ve had to bite my lip
down for you,

All the times I’ve changed my frown to a smile for you,

If you ask, I’ll say I’m alright.

You don’t really want to know,

You ask, but when I try to talk you don’t really want to know.

So here I sit, in silence–a quiet day in hell.


Stanza 2

The people who care, I feel sad for,

They have their own wars to fight, but always take on mine,

I have learnt to bottle my sores, to keep the wounds under my sleeves,

You won’t see the outsides, nor the insides that are torn.


Every day I’ll sit here, every day I’ll keep quiet,

It’s just another quiet day in hell.


If you’d just listen, maybe I would, too.

For now we sit in silence

Just another quiet day in hell