Courage the Cowardly Dog’s Story

As the title above suggests, this is the truth behind the series. Looking into this last year, I was terrified more than when I watched the actual series. If you under the age of 40, you’ve no doubt grown up either on this series or known of it, but the truth is weirder than fiction. Today we will be looking at the occurrences that inspired the cartoon.

For those of you who have not seen the cartoon or heard of it, it is rather simple. Courage the Cowardly Dog is about a small purple dog who does everything he can to protect his elderly owners, kind Muriel and grumpy Eustace, from all the evil and oddities that surround his home in The Middle of Nowhere.

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The Legend of the New Mexican Skinwalker.

This legend is based on an ancient Mexican demonic entity known as the New Mexican Skinwalker. These entities were described as “as real as humans are” as quoted by the New Mexico Explorer. They are also described as similar to humans, which, in my mind, is even more terrifying!

Like humans, they do kill, and like humans, they have motivations for those acts of aggression. Power and revenge fuel their murderous intent, but such things cannot occupy the brain of a rational creature all the time, and skinwalkers do not make murder part of their daily routine.” as quoted by

These creatures have been seen by many people, yet if you ask any native of New Mexico or the Navajo people, they will deny their very existence. If you are lucky enough to be able to befriend someone from any of these two groups, they will slowly open up to you and start to tell their story of their first encounter with a skinwalker. From the research that has been gathered, a skinwalker has been described as a human that has sold their soul to Satan or “signed with the Devil” in exchange for superhuman abilities. These skinwalkers roam the landscape looking for humans to attempt to convert into skinwalkers. They form an obsession or attraction to a particular human they have taken an interest in. They then stalk this human for many months before converting them.

avidWriter, you ask, how do skinwalkers have anything to do with a children’s cartoon? Well, before I explain that, I need to talk about another famous theory.

David Parker Ray

Courage The Cowardly Dog Real House, in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

This New Mexico serial killer is probably the coldest one you have never heard of…until today that is.

David Parker Ray lived just 7 miles north of Truth or Consequence. This was where he kidnapped all his victims. Having only a population of 3,000 people made Truth or Consequence the perfect hunting ground for this cold killer. He kidnapped and murdered 60 people from this small town, preferably from houses isolated from the rest of the population. He used various sob stories or promises of wealth and fame to gain the trust of these secluded individuals, sound familiar to any villain/s from Courage the Cowardly Dog? I prefer not to go further into Ray’s methods of killing his victims, but you will see I have attached a link to the case archive file, if you want to read it for yourself.

So, how do these two stories have anything to do with Courage?

Well, the people of Truth or Consequence needed an explanation to all these occurrences. Due to the size and condition of the town, it was unlikely that a thorough investigation would be possible or that they would’ve even had a half-decent police force. When a town, as small as 3,000 people, has a killer loose that has murdered as much as 60 people, it is something of an epidemic and without any help it is no surprise that people would come up with their own theories! People began to believe that due to the skinwalkers ability to resemble humans, David Parker Ray was himself a skinwalker. This was all due to the similarity between the Navajo skinwalker stories and Ray’s tactics in hunting his victims.

Now we face the question: was Courage based on reality or not?

The answer is simple: Yes. These stories were based on the stories of skinwalkers, only made worse by the gruesome and horrific acts of David Parker Ray!

Before I speculate as to whether or not these skinwalkers exist, I just want to say that this cartoon was based on these legends and the gruesome acts of Ray. There are plenty of resources for you to come to your own conclusions, I am simply stating that this is what Courage was based on whether it is true or not is for you to decide.

All my avidReaders, below I have attached a link for the archived article of David Parker Ray’s case. You can also find quite a few videos on YouTube about Courage’s true origins.

David Parker Ray case files: archived CNN article from 1999.

God bless you all, my darling avidReaders! 🙂

A World-Wide Flood

About 8 years ago, I decided to investigate the various flood legends across the world for a school oral presentation. I went as far as back as ancient Mesopotamia to gather information.

As we all know the story of the Biblical Flood, I will simply rehash over it:

The world was full of sin even down to the thoughts and imaginations in their hearts. God saw all this and it broke His heart, so He decided to send a great flood to wipe clean the earth of all of man’s wickedness. Only one man found grace in God’s eyes, Noah. God told Noah to build an Ark and for 120 years he did. All of the instructions were given by God and He Himself shut the Ark from the inside. For 40 days and nights it rained on the earth. The earth split open and the water canopy that covered the earth from above poured down onto the earth. It was almost a year before Noah and his family could come out and the rest you can read in the Book of Genesis chapters 8.

Aside from this account, there are over a 1,000 worldwide flood legends from every culture across the globe. The oldest recorded (it is important to note that not all the legends are written ones and most cultures back then practiced oral traditions) flood legend is that of the Gilgamesh Epic, a 12-tablet epic poem written by ancient Babylonians between 2150 – 1400 BC.

But what evidence in the present do we have that such a flood occurred? Well, let’s get digging.

We know from recent floods that a great amount of devastation occurs when there is a flood, but how much would there be if a world-wide flood occurred? The most obvious would be the fault lines all over the globe, proving that something at some point in history tore the earth wide open with such fierceness that it left permanent scars on the outer crust, covering the earth with about a mile of sediment that appear to have been formed by a catastrophic flood.

A team of underwater archaeologists went on an expedition to the Black Sea searching for evidence of such a flood. 400 ft below the surface they discovered an underwater shoreline, proving that a catastrophic event did occur in the Black Sea. From carbon-dating shells found along the shoreline they were able to estimate that a flood did occur 5,000 years ago.

But is the Baltic the only evidence we have that a worldwide flood did occur?

We find fossils all over the world in places they shouldn’t be. We find fossilized mammoths still with undigested food in their stomach. We find fish fossilized in the middle of giving birth. One bizarre example is a fossilized clam that was found on the top of Mt. Everest in the closed position, which is peculiar because when a clam dies it opens up. So why are there fossilized clams in the closed position on top of Mt. Everest? How did they get there? Well, if we assume a flood did occur then we have to ask ourselves if the earth we see today is the same as the earth in Noah’s day. We can see how natural disasters can affect the topography of countries today, so why wouldn’t a global flood do the same, but on a global scale?

I have already pointed out the fault lines all over the earth, but what about the oceans? Were they the same as they are today? Today 71% of the earth is covered by water, whereas only 29% of it is land. Some scientists have posited that the earth before the Flood was much different from the one we see today. They suggest that the earth was mostly land and that the oceans were a lot smaller than they are today. If this is indeed the case, as they suggest, then it would further prove that the waters from above (a water canopy shielding the earth from the solar rays) and the waters from below (the subterranean water chambers) once they had burst would have enlarged our oceans and created the great seas we see today.

Sedimentary rock layers are another thing to be considered. We find rather large amounts of mud and sand deposited onto the continents and ocean floors to form these sedimentary layers. We can see these layers spreading across continents, sometimes even between continents. The physical features in the strata indicate that they were deposited rapidly. Examples of this are Tapeats Sandstone and The Redwall Limestone of Grand Canyon, which can be traced across the U.S up into Canada and even across the Atlantic Ocean into England. The famous chalk beds of England also known as the White Cliffs of Dover can be traced across Europe, into the Middle East and as far as the Midwest of the U.S. and even into Australia. The Coconino Sandstone of Grand Canyon is evidence of 10,000 cubic miles of sand being deposited by huge water currents within only a few days.

These layers that we have mentioned had to have been moved by rapid currents over long distances. How else could they have spread so far, as in the example mentioned above, the Coconino Sandstone. It is thought that ripple marks indicate that this process would take 300 million years, but this would only be possible within a few weeks due to a great flood. There is also evidence of rapid erosion, sometimes no erosion at all, which leads us to believe that layers of rock were rapidly folded and curved while wet and pliable, as once strata hardens there is no way it will bend without fracturing. The Tapeats Standstone of Grand Canyon is a prime examples of strata bending with no evidence of breaking. To suppose that these layers were formed over millions of years is impossible as the strata would have hardened going directly against the evidence that it was still wet and pliable.

Let’s consider something often found in the oceans, chevrons. Chevrons are wedge-shaped configurations in the sand created by waves producing tremendous force. Evidence of these chevrons were found by HIWG via satellite-imagery in Africa and Aisa.

The nutrients and minerals found in these layers would have then been dissolved providing a good food source for the phytoplankton found in the oceans enabling them to grow in this warm, nutrient-rich environment. With the presence of this phytoplankton, zooplankton would be able to develop forming the basis for the entire food chain. Underwater volcanoes would have erupted and great fissures beneath the ocean’s floor would have burst open releasing CO². If the phytoplankton absorbed all this released CO² it would lower the levels of CO² in the atmosphere, thus contributing to the Ice Age. This all would have been caused by the tremendous heat and pressure released during such a traumatic event.

From all the above evidence we can see that at some point in history a catastrophic event occurred that dramatically changed our earth.

There is a lot of debate over this among the scientific community. Some believe it was only a local flood, while others believe it was indeed a global flood as stated in the book of Genesis chapters 6 – 8.

Whether you believe in a global flood or not is for you to decide. I, however, choose to believe that there was a Great Flood that happened thousands of years ago.

I hope you found this article interesting and informative. Thank you for your continued support my avidReaders.

The Bermuda Triangle

So we’ve all heard the stories about this famous “graveyard of ships”, as it has been called, but what really happens in this region of the Atlantic that encompasses an estimated 440,000 miles of ocean? It has been called many names over the years, but the most popular seem to be “The Bermuda Triangle” and “The Devil’s Triangle”.

The Bermuda Triangle stretches from the island of Bermuda down to the southern coast of Florida, skipping past the islands of Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic (referred to as the Greater Antilles islands), to end at the island of Puerto Rico. It is also home to the deepest point in the Puerto Rico Trench, the Milwaukee Depths with depths of 27,493 ft (8,380 m). The name “Bermuda Triangle” is not officially recognized by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names and does not appear officially on any maps. There is plenty of debate about the exact geographic positioning of the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle has caused quite an uproar over the years due to its reputation of swallowing up ships and causing planes to crash into its depths, inspiring author Charles Berlitz to write his famous novel “The Bermuda Triangle”, earning itself a movie of the same name in 1978, there have been many more movies since then up until the year 2014 with the release of the movie “Bermuda Tentacles”. You may remember the movie “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” where the mythological Sea of Monsters was said to be situated in the Bermuda Triangle. Other recent releases have been 2010’s “Gulliver’s Travels” starring Jack Black. There is also much speculation among literary scholars as to whether or not William Shakespeare’s Tempest was based on a real-life Bermuda ship-wreck.

However, despite hundreds of reports over the years, tales of the Bermuda Triangle only really started to gain any traction in the 20th century with the sinking of the navy vessel, the USS Cyclone. Since then, thousands across the globe have all turned their eyes onto this section of the Atlantic.

Now that we have a bit of a background for all these stories, let’s discuss a few.

Starting as early as October 11, 1492 with Christopher Columbus and his crew of the Santa Maria, who themselves reported seeing fire fall from the sky, followed by an unknown light before their ship made port. There have been as many as 14 recorded incidents and an estimated 687 deaths from ship-wrecks, however not all the wrecks have been recovered, so it’s hard for us to determine the exact amount of victims the Bermuda Triangle has claimed over the years. Below I have given a brief description of some of these ship-wrecks:

  • In the year 1840 the Rosalie was found abandoned except for a canary.
  • In the year 1921 the Carroll A. Deering was found aground and abandoned at Diamond Shoals near North Carolina.
  • In the year 1925 the SS Cotopaxi sunk en route to Havana, Cuba. She was recovered in 1985 off the coasts of Florida, however she was only properly identified earlier this year.
  • In the year 1941 2 ships went down taking with them in total 119 people. The two ships, Proteus and Nereus were sister ships to the USS Cyclops, which itself lost 306 people in the year 1918. It is speculated that a deadly combination of the acidic cargo and poor construction could’ve sunk these ships.

So from the above information we can see that the Bermuda Triangle has claimed many ships in its time, but ships are not the only victims this stretch of ocean has claimed. There have been as many as 162 deaths up to as recently as 2019.

  • In July of 1945, 12 crew members of a US Navy patrol sea plane were lost on a training flight to the Bahamas. The rescue team searched for 10 days on land and in air and were still unable to recover the lost sea plane.
  • In that same year in December, the famous Flight-19 went down losing 14 airmen, later that day the Navy lost a further 13 in a search and rescue mission to recover Flight-19. There has been much speculation as to whether or not it was human error or simply a stubborn pilot that led to the rescue plane blowing up. To further back up this theory, they recovered evidence of debris and discovered an oil slick near the crash site of the rescue plane.
  • In July, 1947, there was a supposed loss of a B-29 Superfortress off Bermuda, however upon further investigation found no evidence of such an incident ever occurring.This turned out to be a Douglas C-54 that went down off the Florida coast.
  • In the following year, December 1948, while en route to Miami, Florida, 3 crewmen and 36 passengers went missing.
  • In January, 1949, the Bermuda Triangle claimed a further 20 victims. Seven crew members and 13 passengers went down on their flight from Bermuda to Jamaica.

Recently there have been many reports of disappearances and crashes over this stretch of the Atlantic. From 2005 to 2019 there have been as many as 12 reported deaths. However among the 162 deaths mentioned above there have been a total of 19 survivors.

On land there has only been one recorded incident in 1969 involving two missing lighthouse keepers, however it was reported that a hurricane passed that area at about the same time as the disappearances, so we can assume that they were most likely killed in the hurricane.

In total there have been 924 deaths recorded in this region of the Atlantic, with no survivors by sea or land.

Over the years there have been many explanations offered as to these bizarre occurrences. Some believe they can be attributed to UFO activity, while others blame gigantic crystal pyramids that paranormal explorers have claimed to have found under the sea. Others still, believe that the souls of abandoned African slaves, thrown overboard by their slave traders, are responsible. There are also theories that state that the lost city of Atlantis could somehow be involved. Perhaps it may even be that the US Navy’s AUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) testing weapons or reverse-engineering alien tech? At any rate, many theories abound.

But are those our only explanations or is there a more scientific explanation to all these disappearances? Well, let’s have a look.

Science has its own explanations to all these strange phenomena, scientists have stated that it can be chalked up to human error, bad weather and other strange, yet natural, occurrences over that region of ocean. This lends a different light to all our tales of lost cities and sea monsters. One particular scientist has made a full scientific investigation into all of this. The Bermuda Triangle has a lot of heavy traffic both by air and by sea, as well as very dangerous weather conditions i.e. hurricanes and tropical storms. Despite everything we’ve read or heard about the Bermuda Triangle, it would seem that it does not cause any more or less deaths than any other region of the Atlantic.

No one knows for sure the exact number of disappeared planes and ships as we have yet to recover the wreckage of many ships, so there is plenty of debate over these figures, however we can estimate around 50 ships and 20 planes have crashed in The Bermuda Triangle.

At the end of all this, we come to the conclusion that The Bermuda Triangle, despite all the mystery and conspiracy, is just a region of the Atlantic with poor weather and heavy traffic. Whether it was human error, bad weather or something much more mysterious will always be a matter of debate, however we can all agree on one thing: The Bermuda Triangle will always be a place of mystery and speculation.

I hope you enjoyed this brief explanation of the events surrounding the Bermuda Triangle and I hope to write again soon.