A mother’s tender heart is something we will always need

Good morning all my beloved avidReaders! I know I’ve taken a while to post my next article and I do apologize. Work has been no joke.

I just thought I’d post a short little poem for all you glorious women out there who somehow manage a house, kids, being a wife and working full-time. You women are genuine superheroes! There was a little poem in an old Grade 4 student’s text book which I will post below. However, before I do, let me just say that you are all a blessing specially crafted by God to be able to do what you do😇 Thank you to all of you unsung superwomen out there without capes, or catchphrases or Batmobiles🤣, you are all amazing and wonderful and I pray God bless all of you magnificent people today!

Mother, oh mother,

There is no other,

Lady I find,

Who is so kind!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! 🌺🤗

Redeeming the time!

I’m sitting on our carpet watching a YouTube video on ancient Egypt while also keeping my 2 Jack Russells busy with their favourite toy rope and it occurs to me that we lose so much time to work and travel, that we neglect these simple things. There’s nothing I love more than spending time with my family and my two Jackys. As much as we need to work, I think we ought to slow down every now and then and just take time for ourselves to do something that removes us from the insanity of our everyday lives.

Plant a garden, try a new and interesting recipe. Go for a walk, have a coffee at a shop in the middle of nowhere. Do something that you can one day look back on and only have fond memories.

Watch a horror movie at midnight or binge a series that you’d never think to try. Invite over family and friends and play a board game or even find something outside of work that gives you meaning, you never know it might turn out to be something that you spend the rest of your life doing. Anything is possible. There’s so much we can do and so little time.

As for me, I’m going to play with my pups and spend time with my family.

Thank you for reading this post and hope to write again soon.