Today I thought I’d take a look at something that seems to be all over the place: Earthing.  Earthing or, as it’s more commonly known, grounding is a method by which you can become connected to the Earth’s natural healing energy through various means which I will be discussing below.  Earthing is typically defined as being connected to the Earth and being present in your body. It is a very easy and cheap way to treat various health issues without effort or dieting required. This can also be defined as the removal of excess charges in our bodies, therefore being grounded can actually balance these electrical charges. These are ways which make it very easy to detox yourself from the stress of the world it just so happens that this is actually one of the benefits of Earthing, but we’ll dig into that in a moment.

Why Earthing, though? Why not just slip a pill in and be done with it, isn’t that easier? Yes, it definitely is, but a pill only works for the short term, while Earthing may not show immediate healing effects they are definitely there. There is so much scientific evidence that Earthing can have a positive impact on your life in the long term. Things such as inflammation and stress have been none to be completely cured just by walking barefoot outside or reconnecting with nature. I mean, Adam and Eve walked barefoot through nature and enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation and, let’s be honest here, who doesn’t enjoy a good walk through the forest? Don’t you immediately feel at peace just by listening to the bird’s songs, hearing the scurry of squirrels and the hoots of owls? I know I enjoy a good walk through the forest. So let’s take a look at how going barefoot can help us.

Earth’s Charge 

Before I get started on its various health benefits let’s look at Earth’s natural electric flow. It’s a pretty well-known fact that there’s a natural electromagnetic field around the Earth and this protects us from the power of the Sun, otherwise we’d roast.  There exists a similar electric charge in the ground. A subtle, natural electrical charge or special energy in the ground. Earthing/Grounding is our way of connecting to that electrical charge. This energy exists between everything in the world, but there’s one problem: We’ve lost contact with it. We live above ground in beds; we wear rubber-soled or plastic shoes and spend our days indoors. We are bioelectrical beings on an electrical planet with cells that transmit frequencies which run through your body’s organs such as the heart, muscles and nervous system; yet we insulate ourselves from contact with that same electrical energy. Could this be why we’re so ill?

Why Do I Need to Reconnect?

As I mentioned above, Earth has an electrical charge and it is this same charge that can help with a variety of health issues. Some of the benefits I’ll be discussing below is how it reduces inflammation, stress and pain. When you are grounded you feel centered, solid, strong , balanced, less tense and less stressed.

Stress can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. This is caused by many things as the definition says and with such a high-paced life is it any wonder that so many people have stress, anxiety and depression? Stress and anxiety are two of the many mental issues that can be improved simply by grounding. It does this by normalizing the diurnal rhythm (a biological rhythm that primarily express a periodicity during daylight hours) of the stress level, cortisol.

Inflammation is defined as a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection. In a study one woman reported that after 8 weeks of grounding her inflammation was completely gone as well as other health issues that she had suffered from all illnesses resulting from her pain.

Circulation has also been known to be improved through grounding by improving the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues in the body. 20 minutes of grounding is known to improve facial circulation.

Other benefits include an increase in energy and healing speed. It also restores balance to the body, elevates mood, cardiovascular health and treats disorders such as chronic fatigue and anxiety/depression. If you are able to, go barefoot outside for half an hour or so and you will see the difference it makes in your general well-being.


There are 13 signs that you are ungrounded such as over-thinking or ruminating, even engaging in personal drama. Anxiety and perpetual worrying are other signs that you are ungrounded, but there are also ways of becoming grounded. If you feel out of touch with nature you can lie outside (outdoor savasana), walk barefoot (Earth-walker) or go swimming in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes (embracing your inner mermaid). These are the three major grounding techniques.

It has been proven by scientists and people who have personally experienced these healing benefits, that grounding/earthing does have its mental as well as physical benefits. If you ever find yourself in nature or even in your backyard, take off your shoes and get connected with nature. If you are unable, there are ways to reconnect such as leather shoes, conductive furniture and even conductive patches. Give it a shot and see the benefits for yourself.

God bless you, my darling avidReaders.

How Has Tech Changed My Life?

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d do a post on a thought that has filled my mind for a while now. How has tech changed my life? There aren’t any facts in this article like I normally have. This is just me telling you how my life has changed because of tech. I know, in one of my previous articles, I wrote about the perils of tech and how it’s important to do a digital detox, but there are also quite a few good points to it.


Let’s look at a few:

Keeping in touch:

This is one of the most common benefits people bring up when they think of technology. Well, actually more specifically social media. I have managed to connect with so many of my old friends because of Instagram and Facebook. I’ve also been able to meet people who share common interests. I’ve also been able to keep track of friends and family who I haven’t seen in years. I connected with a friend who is Saudi Arabia right now and we texted for almost a week straight just catching up. I was so happy to hear from him as well as many others.


This one is fairly self-explanatory. I use Google every time I need to acquire accurate information for both work and you guys. Without it, I’d be spending days and days researching my articles using encyclopedias. Can you imagine how long that would take? So there technology has saved us. At a single type of the hands we have the world at our fingertips. So useful and, let’s be honest, so much fun. So, there I can say technology has changed my life even if just for work and play.


This is one of my favourite uses of technology. YouTube has taught me so much just through TEDx Talks. I even have some days where all I do is watch or listen to TEDx talks all day just enhancing my knowledge and getting inspired to be free and hopeful. If you ever get a chance, you should watch some. That’s a rabbit hole worth going down any day.

Then we come to funny videos. If you get a chance, look for a guy called Brandon Farris. I can laugh at him for days. (and no, I’m not vouching for him because of sponsorships) He is truly hilarious especially his Google Translate videos. I’ve got a friend hooked on him, too.


I know you’re probably thinking I should have put this as the title for the previous topic, but just bear with me. One of the things I’ll mention is online gaming. Disclaimer: this can become an addiction so be careful, guys. As well as connecting with people who have a love for the same game you do, you can play with your friends from anywhere in the world. It allows you to keep that bond alive for as long as you play together. LANning has taken off in a big way and it also creates an excuse for friends to get together and have some laughs as well as enjoying a mutual love for gaming. My little cousin keeps getting on my case to play Valorant or CS:GO with him. He’s also forbidden me from playing Genshin Impact. What a funny little kiddo! I have also been addicted to Sims from an early age (hence my disclaimer😂) and, when I need to relax, I play it. My cousin and I also play and connect over it. We’ve both played it since it first came out. So this year will be year 21 that we’re still playing it. We both celebrated 20 years of gameplay last year.


This one is another one of my favourites. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my music. I can get my hands on tons of music at any given time and I can stream tons of Nightcore on YouTube. I love how YouTube offers a wide range of music. There are also music streamers such as Deezer, Spotify and iTunes.

Then we get our movie/series streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu as well as a huge variety of others. I’ve tried both Showmax and Netflix. I wasn’t too fond of either, but that’s just me. Tons of people across the world watch streaming services. In South Africa we have Showmax and across the world services such as Netflix and Hulu have just taken off at an epic speed. This has sadly killed the normal TV services we used when we were kids. Makes me wonder what our kids will be using one day. Will they also use Netflix and Showmax or will there be new services by then?


These are all things I’ve been pondering and I got to say the pros and cons are equally balanced–at least to me anyway. As I mentioned above, if you are not careful, you can become badly caught up in this world and eventually lose yourself in it. It’s easy to say, “Oh, that won’t ever happen to me” and then one day you find it has happened to you. So there are both good and bad to technology. I can say, though, that when it comes to the above I think technology has served us well. In fact, without technology I would not have my little Jack Russell sitting on my lap. Pros and cons, guys. Weigh them carefully.

Have a good weekend, my dear avidReaders.

Youtube Video Editing

I’ve always wondered about video editing. How do they get it to look so clear and crisp? When I take a video, I look like the Dark Lord from Lord of the Rings. If you’re as curious as I am, here is something to answer that question.

There is various software you can make use of when video editing. There are options such Hitfilm Express, which is a free video editor or perhaps you want to make use of Adobe Premiere the #1 paid video editor in the industry? Whatever your choice, there are dozens of options and dozens of ways to go about editing your videos on YouTube. In this article, I will be discussing the top options for editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Known as the standard-setting editing software in the industry. Adobe Premiere Pro really has it all. It is capable of functioning on PC or Mac iOS. Created as part of the Creative Cloud Licensing program, it was developed by Adobe Systems and has since taken the industry by storm with prices at R9,285 , it is well worth the purchase. It allows you to import footage from any file format with an easy drag and drop option for your videos into your file format. It doesn’t matter if you use DSLR or GoPro, this software will allow to make YouTube videos or even feature films. It offers you precision cutting with the option to trim your edits using their tool “Trim”. This tool allows you to shorten or extend your clips. With Adobe Premiere Pro, many movie editors were able to create and edit films such as Deadpool and Gone Girl. Sounds powerful, doesn’t it? It has definitely earned its rightful place as the #1 video editor on the market.

Vegas Pro 18

At half the price of the Adobe Premiere Pro (R4,821.), the Vegas Pro 18 is functional on normal laptops and PCs. It makes use of A.I. tools to bring you a video that is two steps ahead as well as high-quality effects and provides great audio effects.

The Vegas Pro 18 gives you the ability to take shaky, unsteady images and turn them into stable, pro quality video footage. This technology was built from the ground up by Vegas Pro 18. Along with their stabilization technology comes “Planar Motion Tracking” this allows you to account for images that are not square to your camera. It allows you to manipulate these images as you need to so you can achieve the optimum quality for your videos. Independent workflow or nested timelines is another feature offered by Vegas Pro 18. With this, you can share segments of your work, while keeping the main piece yourself as a backup. Their denoise filter allows you the ability to enhance grainy or dark images to achieve maximum visibility. Should you find yourself using flickering or neon lights, their flicker control feature can either remove the flicker effect or use the tool to add a flickering effect to your video. With all these amazing features, they make a great companion for any video editor.

Final Cut Pro

Created by Macromedia in the mid-90s and later bought out by Apple Inc., it has now become a giant among the video-editing industry. It uses a magnetic timeline, this allows users to cut, trim or reorder videos without syncing problems or collisions of videos. They also provide means by which users can bundle video and audio clip into a single, bundle video. This software functions best on MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 or later, they offer a range of features. At professional-level, non-linear, non-destructive video editing software. Its latest updates have now made it faster and more reliable. Its software utilizes Apple’s Metal interface for improved performance as well as a 64-bit application that works on MacOS Mojave and later. It is capable of editing HD, 4K, 8K and 360-degree videos. Extra add-ons available for this software are “Motion” and “Compressor”. These add-ons really expand Apple’s video editing interface by giving users the ability to really make your videos really pop as well as allowing you to export your videos to a variety of different formats. Colour-coding allows users to differentiate between their content. Famous movies such as 500 Days of Summer, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Leverage, Social Network and X-Men: Origins were made using this software. This application is purchasable at $599.99 (R9181,74)

HitFilm Express:

HitFilm Express is a revolutionary piece of software available for free for gamers, students and YouTubers on a budget. It is easy to use and it offers all of the same features offered by the above applications. Revolutionary workflow, video editing, compositor’s toolkit, colour-correction and grading, keying and extraction, tracking and file handling are offered by HitFilm Express. Within these are tools for special effects, combined timelines, mask editing, animation tools, multiple streams, audio mixer, cinematic looks, green screen effect, lightning and electricity effects and can work with various video formats.

It functions on PC and Apple Mac devices. Hitfilm Express also offers free support training for any user of their software.


As you can see by the above there are many tools such other tools include FilmoraX, YouTube Video Editor and Davinci Resolve (free or purchasable). The above I mentioned are great whether you are making feature films or just starting out.

Web Detectives

We were watching a crime show a while back and it had me wondering about what they called “web sleuths”. What are they and how do they solve these crimes to help the police? Well, how about we take a look?

If you feel like you want to know more of their world, they do have a Twitter account and FB account called “Web Sleuths”. It’ll be worth it, if you are interested. Many of these people have helped the police solve crimes, but sometimes they can be a nuisance to authorities. None the less, they push on with the solving of a case even if no one supports them. In this television documentary we watched, that became clear. They are an online collective of sleuths.

The Collective:

That’s what they seem like to me and I think instead of web sleuths, they should be called “The Sleuths Collective” because that’s what they are–a collective. A collective of amateur sleuths solving murders, finding people and discussing current ones. They have taken the web by storm and when I tried to research them, all I found was forum upon forum upon forum. If you are as curious as I was, take a look at these forums. There is one main forum bought by Tricia Griffith in 2004 called Websleuths LLC.

There are ways to go on the forums for free, but you can also register if, in some or other way, you may be connected to a case or have some or other expertise that will help in the solving or investigating of missing persons or murders. Sometimes even cases the police themselves couldn’t solve. As I mentioned above, they have on occasion even helped police solve certain crimes.

These crimes that web sleuths have looked into have without fail gained national attention. This is extraordinary given that some of these people have their own lives and somehow managed to unearth such vital and famous crimes. One such fame was from the TV show Law & Order and it was called “Crimebusters”. Another case which launched them yet again into the limelight was the case of Tammy Alexander who went missing from Florida 35 years ago. A web sleuth came across an image of the missing woman and found that it matched up to a coroner’s report in New York called Caledonia Jane Doe as she remained unidentified. He approached the police with his theory and because of that they were able to conduct a DNA test using her sister’s DNA and found it to be a close match (this is often the case when comparing DNA between families). This allowed them to, after 35 years, find the missing person and figure out who New York’s Caledonia Jane Doe was.

Noted Acclaim

Tricia Griffith, the owner of Websleuths LLC, has her own podcast and the collective sleuths have even been on the TV documentary The Killing Season where they looked at the case of the Long Island serial killer cases. They have become such a big collective that they have even started up their own YouTube channel. In this current time the last mention on one of the forums was the COVID disease. They have been looking into all the misinformation, hoaxes and scams surrounding it.

If you find yourself intrigued by their work there are various means by which you can investigate them, as I mentioned above “Websleuths” on Twitter and Facebook. I, myself, am following them on Twitter.

I found this to be extremely interesting and am so glad I dug into this like I did.

God bless you, my darling avidReaders 🥰

Why Coffee?

Have a good cuppa. Courtesy of Pinterest.

Coffee. Why do we drink it so much? Is it even good for us? Well, let’s take a look and see why. Let’s have a look at why we drink coffee.

Obvious enough, it provides a dose of energy after you have that much needed cup in the morning. It can also help with exercise as it boosts your adrenaline levels. People who had coffee before a workout had a performance increase of 11- 12%. Caffeine is also very beneficial in weight lose as it contains magnesium and potassium both of which directly cause you to have less cravings for sugary treats. It also aids this process by breaking down fat cells in the body using it as fuel you for training. Having 1 – 6 cups of coffee a day is actually known to assist you with focus and alertness.

Now we’re going to take a look at the nutrients in coffee–all of which fill up the daily recommended RDI (Recommended Dietary Income). So we’ve already spoken about the magnesium and potassium, but there’s so much more. There’s Riboflavin, (11%), Pantothenic acid (6%), Manganese and potassium (3%), Magnesium and Niacin (2%). All in all you have a very stable source of vitamins B2, B3 and B5 in a single cup. These all are worked out of your system every day so modest consumption of these vitamins a day will improve your health in various. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, let’s consider that none of us have only 1 cup a day. So work it out for yourselves, you’ll see that it really grows with each cup.

This sounds a bit unbelievable, but coffee can actually lower your risk of death and actually helps prevent type 2 Diabetes. The death rate for coffee drinkers is actually less than 23-50% of non-drinkers. On one occasion a study noted 67% less. Something else that’s rather astounding, it has been known to decrease the risk of diabetes by 7%! But wait the list goes on, various cancers (prostate, endometrial and basal cell carcinoma) are reduced by 20 – 25% in certain conditions. It’s also able to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s (25%) and Alzheimer’s/Dementia. At 2 – 4 cups a day it can also reduce the risk of strokes. When it comes to Parkinson’s it stimulates the part of the brain affected by Parkinson’s. Coffee has also been proven to reduce depression by 20%. Coffee has also been attributed to helping depression. More than 4 cups a day can reduce the chances of depression (although I think any coffee lover can tell you that).

As well as neurological improvements, it also is loaded with antioxidants that actually protect your body. It fights off free radicals inside your body. The liver is one of the organs that coffee can help in the fight against cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can be caused by several diseases affecting the liver. Coffee can fight these diseases off. Drinking 4 or more cups a day can lower the risk by 80%.

So why do we drink coffee? Well, aside from the caffeine it provides for our daily kick, as you can see from the above health benefits, it has so much more to offer us than just our morning pick-me-up. For those of us who can’t drink coffee, one of my future articles will lay out the benefits of tea and all it’s various health benefits. For now, I think a good cup of coffee is in order.

God bless you, all my avidReaders.

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Courtesy of Unique Minds

It’s a fair enough question, isn’t it? We all at some point or other have asked this question. Last night I was staring at the ceiling and wondering if it was the heat or maybe I should watch something on my phone to help me sleep. Perhaps if I use the fan…but that wouldn’t work. All it will do is make me sick from the cold. It was frustrating. In my last science & medicine post I spoke about night terrors and how to combat them. Today I thought I would tackle another “sleep demon” as it were–sleep apnea. So let’s take a look at why I can’t sleep.

I thought we’d look at one of the more serious sleep disorders–sleep apnea. Now, sleep apnea is very dangerous because when you have sleep apnea your breathing actually stops and starts. I don’t know if you’ve ever woken up feeling like you haven’t slept at all, if that is the case you probably have sleep apnea and should get it treated. There are three types of sleep apnea.

The Three Types of Sleep Apnea:

Obstructive sleep apnea

The most popular member of the family, occurs most commonly when your throat and tongue muscles relax. This actually causes your breathing to stop and start intermittently. This is mostly found in adults who are overweight or obese. If you’re not sure how to pick up whether or not you have sleep apnea, another sign is snoring and lack of sleep. So when someone tells you you snore and you have the other symptoms of sleep apnea, they may just be right. There are devices and surgery (worst case scenario) that you can do to be treated, but, whatever you do, don’t ignore it. Sleep is very important.

Central Sleep Apnea

Another sleeping disorder that involves intermittent breathing. This intermittent breathing is caused because your brain doesn’t send proper signals to the muscles controlling your breathing. Unlike the more common obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea doesn’t occur too commonly. However, it is more dangerous in that it can be a sign to other conditions such as heart failure or stroke. In order to treat this you will need to treat the underlying condition as well as providing treatments to facilitate your breathing.

Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Also known as treatment-emergent central sleep apnea, is a combination of the above two mentioned disorders.


We discussed above the three types of sleep apnea, now let’s look into one of their symptoms–insomnia. Now insomnia has many symptoms some of which are sleeplessness, waking up early and being unable to go back to sleep, constant drowsiness and irritability during the day.


These are just brief explanations of the three types of sleep apnea. If you have any of them, you will need to get help especially if you suffer from Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome. All these sleep disorders are easily treatable. You don’t need to suffer with them, go see your doctor and let him/her assist you in finding the right treatment.

I hoped this helped you if you are/think you are suffering from any of these three sleep apnea disorders.

God bless you, my precious avids.

Night Terrors

I was reading my Instagram feed this morning and came across an article from @factsweird. This article brought up something I had never really thought about. So I decided to look into it and so I began to dig into what is a sleep paralysis demon. I’ve never had a sleep paralysis demon myself. However, I do know people who have problems with sleep paralysis and, yes, some even are unfortunate enough to have experienced much more.

What is it?

Sleep paralysis demons aren’t something new to us, though. Tales of these occurrences go all the way back into history. It seems cultures all over the world have an explanation for this strange occurrence, but so does medicine. In every country there are stories or legends associated with this experience. For Italy, it can be an old hag or humanoid cat while the Inuit believe it to be a shamanistic attack.

Sleep paralysis is a disorder where you will wake up, but find yourself unable to move. You’re lying there in this paralytic state and there’s something coming towards you. This statement is the crux of all sleep paralysis victims. This explains why for so many centuries, people believed them to be demonic episodes or possessions. Some have said that it was like a UFO abduction, whilst others said it was an old hag or dead loved one that they saw over them. Whatever you see, it is nothing more than what psychiatrists call a “hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucination” and is a symptom of sleep paralysis. As scary it may seem, it is by no means dangerous to you. It is something that you will simply need to brave out. It can be annoying or scary, but always keep in mind the creature glaring at you is not real.

This sleep paralysis is part of the normal cycle and can take place either before or after REM (Rapid Eye Movement). It is an abnormality in the sleep cycle. Think of hiccups–they are nothing more than an abnormality in the breathing cycle and are over soon. Sleep paralysis is the same. People who have narcolepsy, are also very prone to sleep paralysis. People who have anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, jetlag, PTSD, heartburn or consume large amounts of alcohol also have a better chance of getting sleep paralysis. Another odd habit that increases your chances of getting sleep paralysis is sleeping on your back.

How do I treat it?

There are many ways to treat sleep paralysis. Sometimes it’s just something as simple as changing sleeping habits. Research has found that nappers are more likely to have sleep paralysis than non-nappers. Improving your sleeping habits to ensure you get 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night can also prevent you from having sleep paralysis. Lucid dreaming. Watch out for that. That can also contribute to sleep paralysis.

Also ensuring you don’t sleep on a full stomach or drink coffee or alcohol before you go to bed as this can decrease your chances of getting sleep paralysis. I mentioned above that sleeping on your back can increase your chances of getting sleep paralysis, so it stands to reason that if you don’t it will decrease your chances.

Should you find you have disorders such as anxiety disorder or panic disorder, PTSD or any of the others mentioned above, you will need to seek treatment as this can also increase your chances of getting sleep paralysis and getting it treated is a must. Exercising regularly goes hand-in-hand with this. As any psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you, exercise reduces stress and anxiety as it releases endorphins that combat the stress and anxiety. Be careful not to do this too close to bedtime as it will over-stimulate you and you won’t be able to sleep.

One last thing, relax. It should be obvious to anyone that sleeping requires relaxation, but knowing something and having the ability to do it are two separate things. I, myself, make use of the breathing exercises in yoga to help me relax in the afternoons after a hard work day. It really works and it’s great to strengthen your body! Do this before bed or maybe play some calming music (I recommend Leisure Society or Weightless by Marconi Union) to help you sleep.

So….now you sleep

As you close your eyes tonight, count yourself lucky that you can sleep, when there may be avidReaders among us who suffer from this terrible condition. If you are one of them, I hope this helps.

God bless and happy dreams all my darling Avids.

What’s That Rumbling?

So what is that rumbling? We’ve all at some point felt a tremble. In America they have the San Andreas fault and in Japan they have tsunamis which are set off by underground earthquakes and here in South Africa we have our mines that give us the odd tremor. Whether big or small these are a violent force that uproot 10,000 people per year. The average earthquake measures 8.0 on the Richter Scale. That’s really nothing to be taken lightly. It’s even been asked what are the chances of 10.0 earthquake on the Richter Scale. I don’t think I want the answer to that question.

So what does cause an earthquake? Well, this term is used to describe any kind of seismic activity. It’s very simply the scraping of two tectonic plates against each other. You see the world resembles a baseball the way it is torn apart. These tears are what we call tectonic plates. These plates are rubbing against each other all the time and when the one plate gets stuck, it creates friction. Once the plate slips and overcomes that friction, energy is released giving us an earthquake. The same process creates tsunamis. Tsunamis are created by underwater earthquakes.

Volcanoes have a similar effect. As heat and energy are created by the flowing of volcanic ash, hot lava and gases in the magma chambers, they build up pressure and then are released through fissures in the Earth’s crust. These fissures are mostly found on top of where tectonic plates (seeing a pattern here) diverge and converge as well as where the rust is thin. Seems our baseball scars that are all over the world are what causes all these devastating acts of violence. Volcanic eruptions can actually cause earthquakes. Earthquakes can also be caused by mine blasting, landslides and nuclear testing.

There are two main points in an earthquakes–its epicenter and hypocenter. The epicenter is where we can actually see the earthquake. The hypocenter is where the all the action actually happens. The epicenter is the product of what happens underground in the hypocenter. Think of the roots of a tree, you don’t see the growth or the spread of the roots, at least not until it breaches the surface. All you can see is the tree and the size it reaches as well as the fruit it may produce. This is very much the symbiotic relationship between the hypocenter and epicenter of an earthquake.

I know this is a very basic explanation of what an earthquake is, but, in the words of Shakespeare, “brevity is the mother of wit”.

God bless all of you, my precious avidReaders. I’m sorry for being so quiet lately. Work has been insane. Thank you for your ongoing support, we have crossed the 3k subscriber mark. You’ve all been great. Keep reading 😉

Vanishing Monolith

Close up of texture of mysterious monolith

As the name above suggests, I am going to be writing about the mystery monolith that has caused so much speculation and controversy. It was something someone recently shared with me on Instagram. It is what inspired this post to begin with. I wanted to delve a bit more myself, so I thought I’d share my findings with you. Let’s get digging!

First discovered by pilot Hutchings as well as wildlife officers travelling with Hutchings, this monolith has sparked an immediate interest in extraterrestrials as well as the famous 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now, if you’ve watched the movie you’ll know why spectators all over the world are saying this. For the rest of us who haven’t (at this point probably wondering if they should–I know I now am) it’s almost identical to a monolith featured in this famous science fiction classic. Some have even speculated that it was sculpted by a fan of John McCracken, the man who did the initial sculpture in 2001: A Space Odyssey, while others have even gone so far as to say it was crafted by actual extraterrestrials. Whatever your opinion, this monolith has been sighted 3 three times in different locations. Here’s the kicker, though, it has disappeared twice already and soon after it’s disappearance it mysteriously reappeared in a separate location. Let’s look at its original locale, the sighting by Hutchings in Utah.


image from

The monolith was first sighted by the helicopter pilot, Bret Hutchings and two wildlife officers who were doing a survey on bighorn sheep in the area on November 18th 2020. He was actually fortunate enough to get an up close view of the monolith. His theory was that it was the work of a sculptor and was around 10 – 12 ft high (+/- 3 metres). All three men, were immediately intrigued and Hutchings was hear saying, “This is wild.” and indeed he was correct. It did in fact seem like something right out of a science fiction movie. The men appeared to be playing around the monolith making jokes about it as though amused by this mystery monolith. The men kept this monolith’s location a secret fearing that tourists or amateur explorers might go looking for the mystery monolith. However this did not Reddit users from working out its exact location and going there themselves in order to find it. When it comes to its structure and creation of this the gallerist David Zwirner said that the gallery was divided on whether or not this monolith was the work of John McCracken. He said he, himself, strongly believed it was the work of McCracken. Soon after its discovery the monolith disappeared. One tourist group claim that they saw unidentified men come and take the monolith down on November 27th, the day after the Romanian monolith appeared. They said they were too afraid to stop them as they appeared to be rather intimidating and scared the tourists.


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After its supposed removal on the 27th of November2020, it appeared the same day on a Romania hillside. While many speculate over the exact date of its appearance in Romania, the fact remains that there is indeed a deeper story behind it, it attracted the same attention as its predecessor in Utah. It was discovered near Petrodava Dacian Fortress in the city of Piatra Neamt. It was said to have been discovered the Thursday before Utah’s monolith dissapeared (26th November 2020). Others say it appeared days later. As I mentioned before, there is a lot of confusion over the date of the appearance of Romania’s monolith. This monolith was 13 feet tall and was found facing Mount Ceahlau, (one of the 7 wonders of Romania) known locally as the Holy Mountain. It would seem that like its predecessor, it was met with humour. One person even went so far as to put it up for sale online at 6,942 Romanian Leu (1,382 pounds). The description was even more hilarious. for details on this sale look at the Olx website (


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Discovered on December 3rd, California had its own monolith appear. After the disappearance of its two predecessors, another monolith appeared in Atascadero, California atop Pine Mountain. However unlike the one found in Utah, it had no rocks to keep it grounded and appeared to be a little wobbly. All three monoliths were reported as being made of stainless steel with screws evident on all three, showing that it was not one single block of metal. Although all three appeared to be in various sizes and with varying dimensions. In Utah 10-12 feet, Romania 13 feet and in California 10’18” wide. Not even a day later the monolith was reportedly removed and replaced with a wooden cross (how they did that is beyond me as it was hundreds of pounds in weight). Despite the monolith being so unstable in its wobbly foundations, it would still be no mean feat.

The Three Monoliths:

Although now gone, many have wondered if it was in fact the work of aliens. As I mentioned above whatever/whoever put it there is somewhat of a mystery. Was it aliens? Was it a sculptor? A fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey? Or perhaps something deeper? Like the Cicada 303 conspiracy, perhaps this went worldwide in its journey. I am more inclined to believe that it was created by sculptors in those three regions. I can’t claim to know or even suspect motives for such a conspiracy, but I will say that 2020 definitely ended with a bang and who knows maybe there are more monoliths yet to come. 2021 may prove to be more interesting than we think.

If you want to look more into this then I definitely suggest you do. It is a very interesting mystery and worth a deeper look.

God bless you all. Have a very good festive season, my precious avids. We’ve really grown this year. Hard to believe we only started this journey in April. We made it guys!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” This quote covers, in the simplest form, the theory I am about to propose to you. Any of you blessed enough to be have watched or read this glorious story will understand.

As we go through this, I want you to keep the above tree diagram in mind as it basically forms the crux of the topic for our article. It is something I first became interested in while watching Fringe. The concept of having another you out there, doesn’t that intrigue you? There are obviously no ways to prove this. If you look at the above diagram, you will see that it starts out with one point and from there, as if roots from a tree, it spreads out. This is essentially the theory behind what physics now calls a ‘multiverse’ and science fiction calls ‘alternative universes’. The theory is that any one person (for now let’s call him Tommy) can make a decision that will then split and create another universe where other choices and, now realities, exist.

So let’s look at this in practice.

Tommy wakes up every morning 7 am for school. He gets dressed for school, then he goes down for breakfast at 7.20. He is then ready and on the bus by 8 am. He sits in the same place on the bus every day next to his friend.

The above is a typical day for Tommy. Now let’s see what happens if something goes wrong.

Normally waking up at 7 am, Tommy finds himself with a cold and thus cannot get dressed or eat breakfast. Obviously, as he is sick, Tommy does not catch the bus that day as he will not be attending school.

So now what happens?

Well, let’s suppose that Tommy spends all day in bed, he will not get dressed. This means less laundry for his mother. As he will not be eating breakfast, it will mean less dishes for her to wash. Tommy will then need to be taken to the doctor for a consultation and medication.

Both of these possibilities are available for Tommy, however, if we think of these as separate branches on a tree, we can see that Tommy has in fact got two possible ‘branches’ as it were to his tree. His life could lead him to one of those two possible branches. So let’s look at his normal day as branch A and then his sick day as branch B, then we can say from there that each branch has its own branch A and B as so on and so on until we have the tree diagram above. This also applies to your choices. Very much like the Butterfly Effect in time travel, we can think of our choices as the butterflies we tread on and any choice we make can in fact create a different timeline/alternate reality. If Tommy decided to go to school sick, he would’ve made his friend sick and thus the cold would’ve spread to other students, and let’s suppose one of those children has a weak immune system and dies, Tommy’s choice to go to school sick would’ve killed a child. However, because he did not, this child will survive and all will be as normal.

Two possible realities exist in this scenario and any choice we make can determine which reality we take.

Can I Go There?

Theoretically it would be possible, but the implications it would have on both realities would be devastating. Imagine you have a piece of paper and you push a pencil through it, it’s only one little hole right? Now imagine punching a dozen or so holes into that paper and you will find with each hole the integrity of the paper is compromised more and more. This is exactly what will happen if we one day develop the technology to travel between alternate realities.

You’re probably thinking, how could we even do this? Well, if you believe science fiction, and please let’s keep in mind this is all hypothetical, if you had to cross over the only way to do it would be to create a hole in the universe. This would mean creating a black hole like they are currently trying to do at CERN in Switzerland. This is scary as the likelihood of them actually doing more damage than good is something that needs to be considered.

I am telling you upfront, I am no scientist and do not claim to know all they do. What I can tell you is that, if what they say is true, parallel worlds should be left in peace. Your choices where you are right now, will affect you in THIS world. What happens beyond that, has nothing to do with you and you shouldn’t worry about it.

If you have anything else you’d like to add or any comments, post it in the comments for myself as well as all your fellow avidReaders. We’d love to know what you have to say! 😃

God bless you, my darling avidReaders. 😇