Year: 2020


There are many stories about the origins of Christmas. Some say it’s an occult celebration, others say St. Nicholas was a perverted old man. Regardless of its origins, if you choose to celebrate it, it doesn’t mean that to you. To my father it is an opportunity to spread the Gospel and honestly when else …

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Carol of the Bells!

Hark! how the bellsSweet silver bellsAll seem to say“Throw cares away.”Christmas is hereBringing good cheerTo young and oldMeek and the bold Ding, dong, ding, dongThat is their songWith joyful ringAll carolingOne seems to hearWords of good cheerFrom ev\’rywhereFilling the air Oh how they poundRaising the soundO’er hill and daleTelling their taleJoyf’ly they ringWhile people singSongs …

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