What’s Life About?

A friend was saying she was just pondering life and what it’s all about. It got me thinking, “What is life about?” What’s your purpose for living. Mine is simple I live to serve God and to be made perfect through His Son, but what about everybody else?

Some people will say, “I live for my family.” For others it may be for a specific hobby. People strive for all sorts of things: studying something they love until they’ve mastered it, playing a specific game or just games in general, the pursuit and achievement in a certain career.

Whatever the reason, I don’t believe everybody can say that they have a blanket answer to that question. Not everyone has the same goal in life. Why am I here? What’s my purpose? I suppose to look for the answers to those questions you’ll have to find out what you want and go for it no matter who tells you it’s crazy or impossible.

I’ve never known what to do with my life, but, for me atleast, as long as I’m with God I know He’ll help me find out where He wants me to be.

This is a pretty short one, my avidReaders. It was just something I’ve been pondering myself.

God bless and stay safe🌸


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