The Stranger; Act 1 Scene 2

Act 1; Scene 2

Clanking of chains…

Officer: “Sir, what doest thou with such a man as this? He was recovered drunk in a woman’s breast with her husband holding an axe over his head in the Lucky-Green Tavern. If not for the barmen he would’ve been found headless like the stump of a tree in some God-forsaken alley with his blood mixing into the drain’s water.”

Sergeant: “ ‘What’ indeed. As he has a wood-cutter after his head, thinkest thou it is only fit that we should keep him under lock and key?”

Officer: “Perchance he has a wife and children yearning for their provider?”

Sergeant: “I doubt such a man as this would be of much help to anyone. He is only an ignorant fool, and of no importance or use to any man. Why would such a man be sought?”

Officer: “Men of worse vices are adored, and some, have even received titles for theirs.”

Prisoner: “Barmen more ale!”

Sergeant: “Shut up, you foolish youth! Before my restraint gives out and I return you to your axed fate!”

Prisoner: “Why don’t you love me?”

Officer: “Listen to how the fool speaks, is he not pitiful?”

Sergeant: “If he vexes you so, then give him his ale and let him retire. He will plague no man in his drunken slumber. I must needs go away on business of a serious nature.”

Officer: “May God’s protection go with you, good sir! I will tend to things in your absence.”

Sergeant: “I appreciate your diligence in this matter.”

Officer: “It is my duty, sir. Only pray that I do not kill this wretched youth!”

Sergeant laughs and exits…

Later enter bounty hunter, Jules Macey

Officer: “You’re late. We have the man.”

Jules Macey: “I do not want the man, I have important information I must needs deliver at once.”

Officer: “The Sergeant has left on urgent business, I am left in his stead.”

Jules Macey: “Then it is you I shall tell. In a fortnight a man shall arrive seeking the very man you hold in disdain, tend well to him and when this man arrives I shall return and the matter shall be brought to light, until then do not let any man convince you to free your charge. You will be paid handsomely if the man is delivered safely. If this stranger should ask anything of you tell him I will tend to his needs, and anything he says without my presence you say to no man save me.”

Officer: “I shall do as you require, sir. Only tell me the name of my visitor so I deliver him to the right man, and not some thief.”

Jules Macey: “He will tell you the name of the man and who sent him. If that is not enough ask him to reveal a marking on his shoulder, it will be in the shape of a ring. This is the man into whose hands you deliver your charge.”

Officer: “Thank you, friend, go your way and I will do as you have said.”

Jules Macey tips his hat and exits…

A little bit of lightness to break the seriousness of all my current articles.

Enjoy, my avidReaders. God bless and stay safe 😘


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