Stranger Act 1 Scene 3 & 4

Act 1; Scene 3

George Macey enters a bar…

George: “Now, to find respite for my soul. I have a heavy task ahead, and my brother will no doubt make it as heavy as he dares.”
Barmaid approaches…
George: “Your best mead, barmaid! I have a long journey ahead.”
Barmaid: “It is best you order that, kind sir, what with that madman on loose.”
George: “Mad man, you say? What madman?”
Barmaid: “Well, I really don’t know what I’m saying, sir, I’m only a humble barmaid, but a day or more ago a young man was arrested for adultery with the woodcutter’s wife, there yonder. He’s said to be a rather unruly man, and a useless drunk. He was arrested by officer Kevin Mayburn and placed in jail.”
George: “Arrested, you say? What rotten luck! Poor fellow!”
Barmaid: “Indeed, kind sir. Now, you seek mead—shall I add to that order?”
George: “Only mead, barmaid.”
Barmaid exits…

Act 1; Scene 4

Enter Stranger…

Stranger: “I have walked for days and I have had no luck as of yet. What hole could this man be buried in?”
A wanderer crosses his path…
Stranger: “Fellow traveller!”
Wanderer: “Pardon, stranger? How may I assist you?”
Stranger: “Perchance, there is a town nearby?”
Wanderer: “There is a simple town a mere day’s travel from here. How long have you been lost in this desert, dear friend?”
Stranger: “It feels as though I have been walking in this wasteland since birth.”
Wanderer: “Ho! Is life not a wasteland in itself, friend? But, pray, tell me for what cause you find yourself in this place?”
Stranger: “I am in pursuit of a villain.”
Wanderer: “A villain! Nay, can’t be so!”
Stranger: “It is so, friend! He has abandoned his widowed mother and left her with nought to sustain herself.”
Wanderer: “Villain, he is! How could a son do such a thing to his tender mother? The woman who brought him into this world; yet bore him upon her knees! Villain!”
Stranger: “You see I have cause to pursue such a man.”
Wanderer: “Cause you have, my dear friend. Would that I could help you, but I myself am in pursuit of a villain of my own.”
Stranger: “Pray tell.”
Wanderer: “Nay. I shan’t; I have sworn an oath.”
Stranger: “A man’s word is his bond. You are an honourable man, friend.”
Wanderer: “And you an apt traveller. I see you have prepared for a long sojourn in this land.”
Stranger: “Only as long as need permit, but I do seek shelter in this wasteland.”
Wanderer: “Do not we all?”
Stranger: “Indeed. Do you know of a place where a traveller may rest his weary head?”
Wanderer: “You are heading towards the small town Merin. There you will find an inn. In such an inn ask for Lady Magdalin, she will attend to thee.”
Stranger: “Great thanks, friend! I will do as you say!”
Wanderer: “Good luck and may the winds of fate guide you to your destination!”


Enjoy this scene 3 & 4 of Stranger.


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