A Big Footprint

Image courtesy of history.com–The Idaho Film of 2017

A Background to Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Possibly one of the most famous cryptids is a creature that has caused scepticism all around the world. I am talking about the Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot. Now whether you believe in this creature or not, is something only you can decide. There appears to be so many sightings of Bigfoot that it makes it hard to disprove, yet there remains no irrefutable evidence of his existence.

According to all the sightings of Bigfoot, there are differing opinions over his appearance. What most agree on is that he is an ape-like, hairy creature of 7-feet (2 metres) in height. This creature scares campers, lumberjacks and hikers. Many people claim that it appears often and is nothing uncommon, yet yearly many are harassed and terrified by it. In Algonquin mythology this creature is referred to as “Withiko” or “Wendigo” and is supposedly imbued with special powers. Legends of the Sasquatch go back far beyond historical records and seem to be all over the world. Some even suppose the Tibetan Yeti is a smaller version of this creature.

The concept of Bigfoot came about around 68 years ago when a small Northern California newspaper report stated how a road construction crew had discovered humanlike, 16-inch (48cm) footprints. In the 1950s the U.S. started calling this creature “Bigfoot”. Since 1976 the FBI has been known to have compiled a file on him. This when Peter Byrne of the Bigfoot Information Centre & Exhibition sent about 15 hairs on a tiny piece of skin to the FBI thinking that maybe the FBI would be able to identify the hairs.

This creature is known to inhabit the forests of North America with the Nort-Western region being the region the Sasquatch is most attributed to. Sightings of this creature appear all-throughout the northwest region of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, British Columbia as well as the Great Lake region and Southwestern U.S. A third of these sightings are in the Pacific Northwest, with the other 2-thirds of sightings spread all throughout North America. The hype of the Sasquatch increased in 1976 when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed a few seconds of a large creature walking upright in Bluff Creek.

 There are hundreds of sightings of this immense creature every year with a large portion going unpublished. These sightings occur in the Quinault Indian Reservation in the Pacific Northwest coast. There are only 444 of the 1,709 that actually go reported. There are other reports that occur in and around El Dorado National Forest which continue to receive reports to this day. Due to all these sightings, a mini-series of 8 episodes called “Expedition Bigfoot” was launched where they used science and data analysis to analyse these 5-year long sightings in order to determine when and where Bigfoot was located.

The Sightings

As of recent years, the Idaho film taken in 2017 has become THE most famous video recording of Bigfoot. Despite much speculation, the video—uploaded to NvTv—is said to be real as it is impossible to be a man in a monkey suit.

A man from Illinois, who was travelling from Cass to Tazewell County, who says he saw Bigfoot along Illinois 78 near Chanderville, says it looked back at him on the shoulder of the road. The sighting only lasted for a couple of seconds but has gained the interest of local news and cryptid interest groups.

A youth group was camping in Marble Mountain Wilderness when the youth leader John Mills spotted a strange creature lurking along a nearby ridge. He filmed it for almost 7 minutes and his grainy footage became the longest video of a sighting.

The Independence Day film shows a supposed adult Bigfoot with a baby following it walking through the woods. The location is unknown and many say it’s a gorilla suit.

In 1994, former U.S. forest patrolman Paul Freeman claimed to see a Bigfoot family in Washington’s Blue Mountains. This encounter has been declared to be the genuine.

There is much speculation and conspiracy surrounding the existence of this cryptid and scientists have even come to the conclusion that it is only a type of bear born from various species of bear. Whether this is true or not, is something you will need to decide for yourself. I’m the type of person who only believes once I see. However, when I see the statistics and hear all the stories of this mysterious creature, I am led to believe that there is definitely more here than meets the eye and there may very well be some rare, unknown species living in the Appalachian Mountains of Northern America. With all the videos and photographs that surround us, as well as people coming forward admitting to producing fakes, the Bigfoot will always remain in the realm of Cryptozoology.

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