A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger

An American supernatural slasher film, this horror film classic has walked away with 9 movies, a TV series, novels and comic books. This slasher masterpiece was first released in the year 1984 and was written/directed by one Wes Craven.

Fred Kruger is the apparition of a former child killer, Fred “Freddy” Krueger. As revenge for the murder of their children, the parents of Springwood, Ohio burnt Freddy to death. He later returns from the grave to kill the teenagers of Springwood in their dreams. He uses his one gloved hand with razors to kill them in their dreams which, in turn, caused their deaths in real life.  Although he has super-human abilities in the dream world, once pulled into the real world he is the same as any other human and can easily be destroyed.

Played by Robert Englund, this character has grossed $472 million in total, quickly becoming the third highest grossing series in the U.S. In 1988, they released a TV series with Freddy Krueger as the host. Starting with the night he was murdered, it went on to follow the plots of 12 novels that bore no resemblance to the movies. He also appeared in a comic book series, a crossover film with Jason Voorhees and also has had a remake released in 2010 with a reboot in the nearby future. In the year 2011, Freddy became a playable character in Mortal Combat as well as in the game Dead by Daylight (2017). Commonly identified by his burned, disfigured face, he also sports a dirty red-and-green-striped jersey and brown fedora accompanied by his trademark razor-clawed brown glove on his right hand. Freddy was rated as the 14th-greatest villain of all time, but the British TV channel Sky2 listed him as 8th.

The actor Robert Englund stated many times that he thinks Freddy represents neglect suffered by children. The moral, if the movie series has one, is to face your fears. I.T. had a similar theme. Both teach us to brave what frightens us most and not let it destroy us.

All in all, I think Freddy has definitely earned his right to be considered a slasher horror classic. He is a killer that has terrified viewers for many years and maybe many years more–who can say? Having so much of an effect on the world, Freddy has not only haunted dreams on-screen, but off screen, too. That is if you could sleep afterwards.

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