A Sweet Dream

The glittering lights are what lured people in—bursts of green, blue, orange, purple and red. The most noise you would probably ever hear in your whole life, but there was no way you were leaving, it was all too beautiful. Thus, you found yourself unknowingly walking through the tall iron gates, wondering what strange and peculiar magic would meet you under the towering tarpaulin in the very center. It was almost as if you were leaving the world behind you and stepping into another. If I told you you were, would you stay I wonder? Knowing the magic around you was from another world—a world much like ours, but with a twist as all other worlds possess.

There is nothing to fear, though. As long as you walk among the stalls and gaze at the wonderful beings around you, the magic will not fade and you will never want to leave—so very few people do, staying in this eternal carnival. A place where magic is commonplace and reality is the enemy.

If the elephants, with their noses that resemble purple garden hoses and can blow flame instead of water, don’t amaze you, then perhaps the lions that look as big as boulders and have tails decorated with sparkling spikes will. This all before beings so beautiful and alluring, as if adorned with a peculiar kind of magic, step out into the ring. The women with hair long and golden like dawn and their eyes as clear as crystal springs, emerge first juggling what would appear to be jars filled with light, but look closer and you will see tiny creatures that sparkle like star dust. So beautiful you wouldn’t believe they could exist. These women would dazzle their on-lookers for several minutes and then men would appear. Men as thin and flexible as acrobats, yet ask them and they will say they are nothing of the sort. They possess a bone structure unlike any other human being that can bend and stretch, could it be because they aren’t human beings? Although, no one would believe it. They look like any other man you’ve ever seen; only separated by their intense beauty, as though born of fairies—men that could have any woman in the world but love only the strange magic of this ethereal carnival.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece from my original piece Circus for a Psycho.  

Enjoy your weekend everyone. God bless you all, my darling avidReaders.

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