Act 1; Scene 5



Act 1; Scene 5


Innkeeper enters strangers lodgings…


Innkeeper: “Stranger, I trust you had a good rest. May I offer a humble breakfast at my table?”

Stranger: “I am in need of something to start my journey, my good lady! But we must confer in a place where I might undergo the task set before me. Where shall I find my charge?”

Innkeeper: “Indeed we must, but first to breakfast, my good stranger!”

Inside The Weary Wanderer….


Wanderer: “These six nights have I pursued him, and not a sight of the man! I grow weary of this cat and mouse game.”

Jules Macey: “Have you not, my man? I am ashamed to say I have neither heard nor seen of any such man myself and the charge is in my possession.”

Wanderer: “Can not such a man be offered as bait for this hunter you and I seek?”

Jules Macey: “I shall admit, it is a very strong temptation, but until my man comes to deliver him from my possession, he is to be locked and kept well lubricated. My Officer is watching him as you and I speak. He is an honourable man.”

Wanderer: “A stranger came across my path in these two days passed looking for a nearby town. I sent him to Merin. Perchance he is the man you seek?”

Jules Macey: “Did he not give you his name?”

Wanderer: “No, friend, I did not give him mine, either. Do you think he will come for your charge?”

Jules Macey: “Perhaps. But we must drink and depart, I have a long journey.”

Wanderer raises glass: “To friends and journeys ahead.”

*clang of glasses* -toast


Enjoy this excerpt from my screenplay Stranger.

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