Act 2 of Stranger




STRANGER: After too long a journey, I find myself in need of respite. I must now search for Lady Magdalin.

LADY MAGDALIN: As promised, there he stands. My husband will be pleased with my service. He will be arriving soon to be once again in my bosom. But now to the stranger.

STRANGER: Dear Lady Magdalin, I hear this is a place of respite for a weary traveller such as myself.”

LADY MAGDALIN: This is the Weary Wanderer, my kind stranger.

STRANGER: I was promised by a Wanderer I met by the way, that this was a place of comfort and pleasure for such a man as myself.

LADY MAGDALIN: All find rest and pleasure here, dear sir. May I offer you a room and a drink?

STRANGER: Please, kind lady.

LADY MAGDALIN: Follow me, sir and I will have ale and a warm meal waiting for you when we return.


Exit Stranger and Lady Magdalin….



Enter George Macey and Jules Macey….


JULES: How is mother?

GEORGE: Evil and demented as always! But why do you ask, anyway? I thought you wrote her off?

JULES: Is that what they are all saying? What a liar that woman is! I left because of father.

GEORGE: Regardless, it is good you did. Otherwise, your conscience would only plague you further.

JULES: You’re forgetting mother never raised us with any such thing. This should be a light matter. But how is your guest?

GEORGE: Which one?

JULES: Do be serious about this. You know which one I mean.

GEORGE: Quite right, brother. He rests well. Our dear Lady takes care of her patrons. I must go see her shortly.

JULES: I always wondered why you married an innkeeper. It seemed like history repeating itself.

GEORGE: Except mine is beautiful and kind. She is not mother.

JULES: Speaking of mother, why do you think she would hire an assassin? Who is she so desperate to rid herself of?

GEORGE: That’s a long list. It could take time. Off the top of my head, though, I would say—YOU.

JULES: I suppose it would make sense….but that somehow doesn’t feel right. There has to be something deeper to it. She could always invite me to her inn and just do me in there, why the secrecy—AND THE STRANGER?

GEORGE: Something is definitely afoot, it’s just finding out what.

JULES: Let’s just see what Lady Magdalin can discover from the Stranger, perhaps whatever information she gets will lead to mother’s real plans.

GEORGE: Wait! We’re being stupid! Tell Lady Magdalin to keep the man in her possession.

JULES: You are indeed, very clever, brother. The man could shed some light…for the right price.

GEORGE: Meet me at the Weary Wanderer in a week and we will discuss things further, hopefully with more information on mother’s plans.

JULES: Always a pleasure, little brother.

GEORGE: In a day, Jules. Have a $1,000 on the ready. (bribe the Stranger)

Exit George and Jules Macey….

In a room in the Weary Wanderer….


LADY MAGDALIN: are you comfortable here? Is everything to your liking?

STRANGER: it is a place of pleasure, that is for sure.

LADY MAGDALIN: a man like you must be tired from such a journey. Where are you from, kind sir?

STRANGER: a place of cruelty and hardship. A place where I shall never return. I have no reason to, my Lady.

LADY MAGDALIN: isn’t it your home? Should you not miss it, kind sir?

STRANGER: my Lady, if you knew what I did you would neither miss it yourself.

LADY MAGDALIN: tell me, kind sir, where is home? If I may inquire?

STRANGER: I dwell in the land of Corin. It is far north, my Lady.

LADY MAGDALIN: and you say you do not wish to return home? It must be of a cruel nature that which you speak of. I do hope that you someday find it in yourself to return home.

STRANGER: my Lady, I assure you that that will never occur.

LADY MAGDALIN: it is a pity. Home is a place of peace and safety. I only wish that you could’ve had that.

STRANGER: yes, but I am glad to be gone.


Lady Magdalin nods and they continue talking…

Act 2; Scene 2


GEORGE MACEY: I have not ever wanted to know mother’s plans, but this confuses me. Why would mother hire a hitman to kill Donald, he is of no consequence to her and how would she even know about him?


Sorry, this was all I had before I stopped and turned it into a full novel. Right now I\’m working on a sequel called Idyllic.


God bless you, my darling avidReaders

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