An Abominable Snowman

Also known as the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman has been haunting the mountains of Russia, China and Nepal for hundreds of years. Hairs, footprints and other DNA have all been discovered and put through various tests. Yet, there remains no irrefutable evidence of the Yeti’s existence. Despite all of this skepticism surrounding the Yeti, many still claim it to be true. Here we are going to look at some of the sightings and evidence found surrounding this mysterious creature.


In the year 526, Alexander the Great actually demanded to see the creature, but he received a resounding ‘no’ as the low altitudes would’ve killed it.

In 1921, Lt. Colonel Charles Howard-Bury and his Mount Everest expedition drew the press’ immediate attention. When Charles and his expedition saw mysterious tracks in the snow the labourers identified them as the feet of what they called a “wild man”. However, Charles said it was the footprints of a wolf, but the press didn’t like that version of the story and instead wrote that it was the infamous Yeti.

30 years later and the year is 1951. The day—8 November. Eric Shipton and Dr Michael Ward find themselves on an expedition. They are planning on working on a glacier that day when their plans are suddenly cut short. Upon reaching the glacier, they find something they never could’ve expected—footprints. These footprints appeared to be heading around the back of the glacier. However, these are no ordinary footprints. Measuring at 12 inches long and 5 inches wide, Shipton and Ward are startled at the size of the giant footprints they’ve just discovered. The sherpas, that were with them at the time, immediately identified the footprints as belonging to the “Meh-Teh” or the “Yeti”.

Later on, a man by the name of Tom Borderlone would write letters back home wherein he wrote about the discovery of the footprints and the sherpa’s Meh-Teh or Yeti. In his letters he misinterpreted Meh-Teh as “Abominable Snowman” and the name stuck. After the discovery of the footprints came to light, it would spark a flame for what was then called the “yeti-mania”.

Despite various expeditions into the mountains of Russia, China and Nepal in search of this 200 – 400-pound mass of greyish/reddish brown hair, no evidence of the creature was discovered. This muscular creature had managed to evade all their expeditions and hunts. During these expeditions, many photographs and sightings had occurred. However, no actual evidence of this creature exists. The Chinese government decided to send more than 177 investigators into the region and all in vain.


Over the years, scientists have searched high and low for irrefutable evidence of this mysterious being. They eventually concluded that, unless proven otherwise, the Yeti is actually a species from various types of bears. Danish professor Dr Charlotte Lindqvist has concluded that the Yeti was actually a fake. She came to this conclusion after studying 9 samples of historic Yeti evidence.

The truth is no one really knows whether the Meh-Teh is real or not. Some will say that it was real because they had seen it. Others will tell you it’s a fake. Whichever side you stand on, the Yeti will remain in the limelight as one of the world’s most terrifying mysteries.

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