Courage the Cowardly Dog’s Story

As the title above suggests, this is the truth behind the series. Looking into this last year, I was terrified more than when I watched the actual series. If you under the age of 40, you’ve no doubt grown up either on this series or known of it, but the truth is weirder than fiction. Today we will be looking at the occurrences that inspired the cartoon.

For those of you who have not seen the cartoon or heard of it, it is rather simple. Courage the Cowardly Dog is about a small purple dog who does everything he can to protect his elderly owners, kind Muriel and grumpy Eustace, from all the evil and oddities that surround his home in The Middle of Nowhere.

The Legend of the New Mexican Skinwalker.

This legend is based on an ancient Mexican demonic entity known as the New Mexican Skinwalker. These entities were described as “as real as humans are” as quoted by the New Mexico Explorer. They are also described as similar to humans, which, in my mind, is even more terrifying!

Like humans, they do kill, and like humans, they have motivations for those acts of aggression. Power and revenge fuel their murderous intent, but such things cannot occupy the brain of a rational creature all the time, and skinwalkers do not make murder part of their daily routine.” as quoted by

These creatures have been seen by many people, yet if you ask any native of New Mexico or the Navajo people, they will deny their very existence. If you are lucky enough to be able to befriend someone from any of these two groups, they will slowly open up to you and start to tell their story of their first encounter with a skinwalker. From the research that has been gathered, a skinwalker has been described as a human that has sold their soul to Satan or “signed with the Devil” in exchange for superhuman abilities. These skinwalkers roam the landscape looking for humans to attempt to convert into skinwalkers. They form an obsession or attraction to a particular human they have taken an interest in. They then stalk this human for many months before converting them.

avidWriter, you ask, how do skinwalkers have anything to do with a children’s cartoon? Well, before I explain that, I need to talk about another famous theory.

David Parker Ray

This New Mexico serial killer is probably the coldest one you have never heard of…until today that is.

David Parker Ray lived just 7 miles north of Truth or Consequence. This was where he kidnapped all his victims. Having only a population of 3,000 people made Truth or Consequence the perfect hunting ground for this cold killer. He kidnapped and murdered 60 people from this small town, preferably from houses isolated from the rest of the population. He used various sob stories or promises of wealth and fame to gain the trust of these secluded individuals, sound familiar to any villain/s from Courage the Cowardly Dog? I prefer not to go further into Ray\’s methods of killing his victims, but you will see I have attached a link to the case archive file, if you want to read it for yourself.

So, how do any of these two stories have anything to do with Courage?

Well, the people of Truth or Consequence needed an explanation to all these occurrences. Due to the size and condition of the town, it was unlikely that a thorough investigation would be possible or that they would’ve even had a half-decent police force. When a town, as small as 3,000 people, has a killer loose that has murdered as much as 60 people, it is something of an epidemic and without any help it is no surprise that people would come up with their own theories! People began to believe that due to the skinwalkers ability to resemble humans, David Parker Ray was himself a skinwalker. This was all due to the similarity between the Navajo skinwalker stories and Ray’s tactics in hunting his victims.

Now we face the question: was Courage based on reality or not?

The answer is simple: Yes. These stories were based on the stories of skinwalkers, only made worse by the gruesome and horrific acts of David Parker Ray!

Before I speculate as to whether or not these skinwalkers exist, I just want to say that this cartoon was based on these legends and the gruesome acts of Ray. There are plenty of resources for you to come to your own conclusions, I am simply stating that this is what Courage was based on whether it is true or not is for you to decide.

God bless you all, my darling avidReaders! 🙂

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