Disconnecting your Tech

So what is the benefit of disconnecting? A friend of my mine has broke away from social media for the past few weeks and she doesn’t seem phased in the least. In fact she is completely breaking from any and all until the 30th. Honestly I couldn’t be prouder, but why do so many opt for this route? Why unplug? Well, as always, let’s get digging.

So what does it mean to disconnect?

Cambridge.org describes it as follows:

To unfasten something, especially to break the connection between ….. a device or piece of equipment.

Why unplug?

A lot of people get gittery at the thought of leaving behind their phones, but let me tell you something–YOU WILL SURVIVE. How do I know this? Quite elementary. It happened to me on a young adults camp and it was actually the best thing that could have happened to me. I actually became social. I spent time with my friends and even made new ones.

Tech can also cause what is called ‘screen addiction’ as well as causing anti-social behaviour. I’ve seen it myself over and over; I will mindlessly pull out my phone with no specific purpose in mind simply to look at the screen. As a blogger of almost 3k subscribers (thank you for your support by the way 😊💖) it is often difficult to disconnect as I need to keep a constant presence on my socials. If I could, however, I’d do it. I’d leave my phone in my room and spend time on other things. When I’m with friends or family, I try my best to disconnect from my phone.

Will it ever replace human interaction?

The short answer is “no”. Having social media like Facebook or Instagram can never that special time you spend someone else. Texting a friend may help you keep tabs on how they are, but actually visiting with them will always win first prize. Sometimes we can’t do that, though, as they may be far away from us. For example I have a friend who is overseas as well as cousins who are also living outside of South Africa, so texting them or phoning them is the only way I can chat with them. I have family all over South Africa as well as friends. So many of my oldest and dearest school friends live so far away that texting is the closest I get to them. So there are definitely pros to social media, but there also cons. Keystonecorp.com calls it a necessity. They go on to say that people have traded their precious time with their family to attend to an email, answer a call or simply to text back.

Who’s to blame us to or tech?

Is it me or the phone? Again. a short answer–YOU. We want to blame our tech for our addiction. I think it’s time we woke and smelt the the coffee. Tech has many pros and cons, but it boils down to two words–“self discipline”. Do I have enough discipline to spend time with someone? Where are my priorities? Are they with my loved ones or the person who calls me when I’m watching TV, playing board games or having dinner? What about people who wake up and stare at Youtube? Or maybe they stream a series or movie or on Netflix, Showmax, Amazon or many other streaming services? Before you think I’m speaking as though I don’t do the same thing, believe me I have just as much of a problem as anyone else. My presence as a blogger has nothing to do with it, when I’m working I don’t sit on my phone I work. When I get emails to my personal email, unless it’s important, I delete it. Wish emails–deleted. TakeALot emails–deleted. Any other emails I see as spam–deleted. More often than not I end up deleting alot of emails and just clicking through Instagram stories while talking to someone. When it comes to music or online games, I have a problem. Sims kept me glued to the PC for much of my childhood. Every morning my routine includes Youtube and music or watching a movie I downloaded the previous day. My dog waking me up some days at 4.50 doesn’t help either. when you’re lying in bed you are bound to get bored.

The saying is “All things in moderation” and nothing is more true than that. Nothing done with a gluttonous spirit will ever be to your benefit. So put your phone away. If you need to answer an important call, then answer it. You just need to tell the difference between important and unimportant. That game that’s become an addiction delete it. Change your life to suit your priorities and if your priorities are your phone then ask yourself why? Remember technology isn’t bad, how we use it or let it use us makes it bad.

Keep that in mind the next time you pick up the phone, my avidReaders.

God bless you and I wish you all the best for your adventures in the new year 👏

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