El Chupacabra

Chupacabra photograph courtesy of PennLive.com

We’ve all heard the stories about the Chupacabra. It has also had numerous movies made about it and even appeared in the Japanese anime Sakura Quest, but is it really as real as people say it is? Is it a mangy coyote or dog? Is it really a mythical blood-sucking monster? Many questions surround this creature and whether it is real or not. But what is a Chupacabra? Why are people so insistent it is a real blood-sucking monster?  Well, let’s look at what a Chupacabra is.

What is El Chupacabra?

The Chupacabra or “goat-sucker” is a Latin American creature that has been tormenting people in North and South America for years, having its first genuine sighting in the summer of 1995. This creature is known to attack and drink the blood of livestock, most commonly goats. Although, this doesn’t mean it is limited to only goats it has also been known to attack chickens as well as other livestock. The name “Chupacabra” is derived from the Spanish words ‘chupar’ and ‘cabra’ meaning ‘goat-sucker’. This creature has become so famous that it has to become known as the southern Sasquatch. This creature has also recently joined vampires in the bestiary of blood-sucking creatures. El Chupacabra was first discovered in Puerto Rico in the year 1995. It was blamed for animal attacks where the animals were completely drained of blood. The Chupacabra is normally described as a creature that stands upright and resembles a large reptilian kangaroo with huge red eyes and a number of spines on its back. Some people choose to believe it is a supernatural being, whilst others still believe it to be a natural phenomenon thinking them to be mangy coyotes, foxes, raccoons or wandering dogs.

Sightings of El Chupacabra

But what about the sightings? Well, it all started in the summer of 1995. At the time a flood of livestock killings horrified the town of Puerto Rico. The livestock had wounds at their throats and appeared to be drained of their blood. This is when people started calling this creature “Chupacabra” for its penchant for goat blood. One of these events was in March, when the Chupacabra was thought to be responsible for the death of 8 sheep all of which had been drained of blood. The sheep all had 3 puncture marks in their chests. The speculation around this occurrence was that it could either be a conventional predator or a Satanic cult.

Chupacabra Photograph taken by Madelyne Talentiono

In the month of August 1995, a woman named Madelyne Talentino reported seeing a long-limbed earless creature with a spiny back in the yard of her mother’s house in Canovanas. She screamed and the creature dissapeared into the jungle. This sighting would cause a slew of reports wherein people would claim to have seen this creature. By this time there had already been 150 sightings of what people claimed was the Chupacabra. By the end of 1995, there had been 1,000 plus livestock killings.

In June of 2007, another one of the 1,000 plus sightings took place on the ranch of a woman named Phylis Canion in South Central Texas. She had just come back from Africa—she was a naturopathic doctor and hunter. She claimed to have seen the Chupacabra as it slipped through the pastures on her farm. Over the next couple of days, they discovered that the blood of their chickens was getting drunk. In order to catch this thing, Madelyne set up cameras all over her ranch only to catch no sign of the creature. In a second attempt to see what was killing her sheep, she asked her neighbours to please keep an eye out for this thing. In mid-July this would pay off. One of her neighbours informed her that a creature matching her specifications had been hit by a car nearby his property. She was just starting to comprehend what she was seeing, when she got another phone call informing her that they had found another creature nearby her ranch. Right there, on the ground, was what appeared to be a Chupacabra. She proceeded to take it back to her ranch and took photographs of it.

On February, 2017, there was another reported sighting of what appeared to be a Chupacabra on Highway 185 and Guadalope Road in Victoria, Texas. Following the tip of a viewer, the Crossroads Today news station went to the sight and found what looked like an animal with the paws of a dog, but the body of a hyena lying on the side of the road.


Despite the fact that no actual evidence of a Chupacabra has ever been found, sightings of the creature are regularly received by news sources and landowner inquiries.  Some speculate that the release of the movie “Species” may have been what caused all these sightings of El Chupacabra that go throughout the Americas and as far as the U.S. A lot of these sightings resemble coyotes, foxes or dogs with mange attacking these animals more than a mythical blood-sucking creature. There are two sides to this debate, though. One side saying it’s the Chupacabra, the other saying it’s simply canines with mange. Until there is irrefutable evidence of El Chupacabra, there will always be this debate. What do you believe? Is El Chupacabra a monster or simply a canine with mange?   

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