Eutychus (Acts 20:7-10)

Today will be a very short, but poignant story. It has a very valid lesson and I will share this with you.

This story takes place on a Sabboth (Saturday) and involves the disciples and the apostle Paul. As the story goes, these men were in the process of breaking bread with each other and Paul was ministering with them right up into midnight. All the lights were burning on the third floor where they were all gathered and there was a young man who was sitting in the window by the name of Eutychus. He had fallen fast asleep while Paul was speaking and he struggled to stay awake. Eventually the sleep over-powered him, he fell out the window and died. Everyone was horrified and watched in horror as Paul ran down to see Eutychus. When Paul got to Eutychus, he fell on him, wrapping him in a warm embrace and said, “Don’t worry. He’s still alive!” Paul moved away so that Eutychus could get up and Paul and Eutychus went up back to the others. Paul continued his fellowship with them and left in the morning. They went down to where Eutychus was and found him alright and were completely over-joyed!

Right now, I am immediately reminded of how it is so easy to get accustomed to God’s Gospel that you “fall asleep” as it were and this can lead to our downfall (pardon the pun). Staying vigilant and keeping our eyes wide open is the only way to keep our footing in this crazy world. We have firm ground to stand on. We have a God Who catches us when we fall. He revives us when we fall and is there to minister to us.

Remember that. There is steady ground in Christ.

God bless all of you, my precious avids! 🙂

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