Farm killings in South Africa

by Balthazar

Where is the media?
Farmers under  attack
No one seems to care
Cos Apartheid was the root of the problem
The police seems to be powerless
ANC tries to cover these acts
I thought this government fought for equality for all
No one is aware of these things
2000 murders farmers have been ignored
Jealousy is a poison
My great grand father owend this land
Therefor, I have to kill
You seem to think that they just took money from trees
Why is this happening?
Why isn\’t anybody paying attention to this?

Dangerous minds are drama queens
They can’t seem to take responsiblity for their lives
Wasting their lives on playing blame games
What’s your f**** problem?
Farmers are feeding the country
I am tired of your f**** silly excuses
This is a racist term on White farmers
Racism is racism without any discussion
Torture becomes a source of power and survival
Crime knows no color
A murder is a murder
A thief is a thief
Africa remains silent
Why don’t build your own lives?
Murder is brutal
It’s not serving South Africa
It’s not serving Africa
It’s not serving the world
The hole of failure begins to open

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