How Has Tech Changed My Life?

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d do a post on a thought that has filled my mind for a while now. How has tech changed my life? There aren’t any facts in this article like I normally have. This is just me telling you how my life has changed because of tech. I know, in one of my previous articles, I wrote about the perils of tech and how it’s important to do a digital detox, but there are also quite a few good points to it.

Le\’s look at a few:

Keeping in touch:

This is one of the most common benefits people bring up when they think of technology. Well, actually more specifically social media. I have managed to connect with so many of my old friends because of Instagram and Facebook. I’ve also been able to meet people who share common interests. I’ve also been able to keep track of friends and family who I haven’t seen in years. I connected with a friend who is Saudi Arabia right now and we texted for almost a week straight just catching up. I was so happy to hear from him as well as many others.


This one is fairly self-explanatory. I use Google every time I need to acquire accurate information for both work and you guys. Without it, I’d be spending days and days researching my articles using encyclopedias. Can you imagine how long that would take? So there technology has saved us. At a single type of the hands we have the world at our fingertips. So useful and, let’s be honest, so much fun. So, there I can say technology has changed my life even if just for work and play.


This is one of my favourite uses of technology. YouTube has taught me so much just through TEDx Talks. I even have some days where all I do is watch or listen to TEDx talks all day just enhancing my knowledge and getting inspired to be free and hopeful. If you ever get a chance, you should watch some. That’s a rabbit hole worth going down any day.

Then we come to funny videos. If you get a chance, look for a guy called Brandon Farris. I can laugh at him for days. (and no, I’m not vouching for him because of sponsorships) He is truly hilarious especially his Google Translate videos. I’ve got a friend hooked on him, too.


I know you’re probably thinking I should have put this as the title for the previous topic, but just bear with me. One of the things I\’ll mention is online gaming. Disclaimer: this can become an addiction so be careful, guys. As well as connecting with people who have a love for the same game you do, you can play with your friends from anywhere in the world. It allows you to keep that bond alive for as long as you play together. LANning has taken off in a big way and it also creates an excuse for friends to get together and have some laughs as well as enjoying a mutual love for gaming. My little cousin keeps getting on my case to play Valorant or CS:GO with him. He’s also forbidden me from playing Genshin Impact. What a funny little kiddo! I have also been addicted to Sims from an early age (hence my disclaimeršŸ˜‚) and, when I need to relax, I play it. My cousin and I also play and connect over it. We’ve both played it since it first came out. So this year will be year 21 that we’re still playing it. We both celebrated 20 years of gameplay last year.


This one is another one of my favourites. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my music. I can get my hands on tons of music at any given time and I can stream tons of Nightcore on YouTube. I love how YouTube offers a wide range of music. There are also music streamers such as Deezer, Spotify and iTunes.

Then we get our movie/series streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu as well as a huge variety of others. I’ve tried both Showmax and Netflix. I wasn’t too fond of either, but that’s just me. Tons of people across the world watch streaming services. In South Africa we have Showmax and across the world services such as Netflix and Hulu have just taken off at an epic speed. This has sadly killed the normal TV services we used when we were kids. Makes me wonder what our kids will be using one day. Will they also use Netflix and Showmax or will there be new services by then?


These are all things I’ve been pondering and I got to say the pros and cons are equally balanced–at least to me anyway. As I mentioned above, if you are not careful, you can become badly caught up in this world and eventually lose yourself in it. It’s easy to say, “Oh, that won’t ever happen to me” and then one day you find it has happened to you. So there are both good and bad to technology. I can say, though, that when it comes to the above I think technology has served us well. In fact, without technology I would not have my little Jack Russell sitting on my lap. Pros and cons, guys. Weigh them carefully.

Have a good weekend, my dear avidReaders.

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