Good morning all my beloved avidReaders! I know I’ve taken a while to post my next article and I do apologize. Work has been no joke.

I just thought I’d post a short little poem for all you glorious women out there who somehow manage a house, kids, being a wife and working full-time. You women are genuine superheroes! There was a little poem in an old Grade 4 student’s text book which I will post below. However, before I do, let me just say that you are all a blessing specially crafted by God to be able to do what you do😇 Thank you to all of you unsung superwomen out there without capes, or catchphrases or Batmobiles🤣, you are all amazing and wonderful and I pray God bless all of you magnificent people today!

Mother, oh mother,

There is no other,

Lady I find,

Who is so kind!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! 🌺🤗

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