New Platforms

Hello all my darlings. You will see I’ve added Patreon and Ko-fi buttons onto my page. If you can, I would really appreciate any donations to help further my writing. I am not charging a lot on Patreon. It’s only $3 and my Ko-fi page you are able to donate however much you can. When I started my blog, from my very first post, I made a promise to myself (and in consequence you) that I would never charge any fee to subscribe to my blog. I want all of you to be able to enjoy my articles. It’s a promise I will keep to you. I, however, do need your help in supporting my writing. Please, if you can donate, even if it’s just a small Ko-fi (Haha) I would really appreciate it. I am busy posting my book the Stranger onto Patreon and I will also be giving you updates on my writing as well as a look into what my life is like on Ko-fi. I want you to know me as much as I want to know you. I am posting daily on Ko-fi and every week I release a chapter of Stranger on Patreon for you to enjoy. I will still be posting here as I have, only I may not be able to post full articles every day. On Patreon I will be posting my own poems and on Ko-fi I will tell you a little bit about my day as well as what I am mulling over that day.

I have now seen that there are just under 1700 avidReaders and I want to welcome all my new darling avidReaders. I love you darlings and I will continue to provide all sorts of weird and wonderful topics for you to enjoy.

God bless all of you 🙂 Have a lovely weekend

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