Persistence, my friend

by David; September 2015

Persistence, my friend;
and determination:
can mend
all the wounds of misfortune;
and the the scars of your past.
Your scars and wounds
stand nothing
to time.
For in time, no pain lasts.

So press on
Press on,
like they said in times
where there was no choice
but to press on.
And you have no choice.
for If you don’t,
you will very soon be gone.
That’s not to be morbid,
and not to be grim,
but you know that as well as I do,
so it’s with persistence
you must glow
and with patience
you must brim.

And not to say that you are weak,
but the pain you feel
is nothing unique.
So persist, my friend.
Do not fall with hard times:
Press on and find
the solace
you so sincerely seek.

Stand up
when you feel like you must fall.
Stand up when you cannot stand.
Stand up, anyway;
and stand up tall.
That, my friend, is greatness.
To rise above your own self-doubt.
To rise beyond limits.
To rise above it all.

Persistence, my friend:
Persistence is key;
for until that fog clears up,
you will not see
your limitless potential
and all the infinite beauty
that lies not beyond the horizon,
but just around the bend.
I promise you will find it:
But only with
Persistence, my friend.

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