Repetitive Tunes

I often find myself returning to the same old tunes over and over. As much as I feel like I should explore more options, somehow I return to the same old tunes. All I know is that I love the songs. In one of my first articles I wrote about musical nostalgia.

Just as a brief reminder, musical nostalgia is when you have grown up with certain music. It has formed a pivotal part of your development and thus has left an impression on you so you will end up listening to it over and over. This, in a nutshell, is musical nostalgia.

So why do I still listen to the same songs over and over despite not growing up with them? Somehow the same songs or at least type of songs always manage to pitch up on my playlist over and over and I don\’t ever change to anything new. I have lately discovered lo-fi music and all I can do is listen to it–over and over. I love the melodies and the calming sensation. They have Christmas compilations that I can’t stop listening to. I have also discovered an epic Christmas playlist that I can’t stop listening to.

I can’t say for a fact, I did no research behind this theory, but I think–from my own experience–that this is due to the feeling it invokes. It causes me to feel that Christmas spirit, so I will listen to it over and over. Somehow soundtracks have also managed to sneak their way into my playlists. Not that I’m complaining. I love these songs, again for the feeling they invoke. These songs are really great and, again, will get played over and over by me.

Perhaps you have similar experiences where the same songs/type of songs make their way into your playlists over and over? I bet you don’t mind. Perhaps it’s classical music? Perhaps hip-hop? Or perhaps, like me, it’s soundtracks? Whatever your poison, it will no doubt invoke the same feeling for you. That same euphoric feeling fills your every pore.

If you listen to music while working, enjoy your tunes. The euphoric feeling will flood you and make your work that much more enjoyable. If you’re on leave, but love blasting your tunes, enjoy it. I know I do. I’ve been playing Christmas music every chance I get.

Merry Christmas everyone. Love you all, my darling avidReaders. God bless you all! 🎄🙆‍♀️

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