Somewhere Over the Rainbow

β€œToto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” This quote covers, in the simplest form, the theory I am about to propose to you. Any of you blessed enough to be have watched or read this glorious story will understand.

As we go through this, I want you to keep the above tree diagram in mind as it basically forms the crux of the topic for our article. It is something I first became interested in while watching Fringe. The concept of having another you out there, doesn’t that intrigue you? There are obviously no ways to prove this. If you look at the above diagram, you will see that it starts out with one point and from there, as if roots from a tree, it spreads out. This is essentially the theory behind what physics now calls a ‘multiverse’ and science fiction calls ‘alternative universes’. The theory is that any one person (for now let’s call him Tommy) can make a decision that will then split and create another universe where other choices and, now realities, exist.

So let’s look at this in practice.

Tommy wakes up every morning 7 am for school. He gets dressed for school, then he goes down for breakfast at 7.20. He is then ready and on the bus by 8 am. He sits in the same place on the bus every day next to his friend.

The above is a typical day for Tommy. Now let’s see what happens if something goes wrong.

Normally waking up at 7 am, Tommy finds himself with a cold and thus cannot get dressed or eat breakfast. Obviously, as he is sick, Tommy does not catch the bus that day as he will not be attending school.

So now what happens?

Well, let’s suppose that Tommy spends all day in bed, he will not get dressed. This means less laundry for his mother. As he will not be eating breakfast, it will mean less dishes for her to wash. Tommy will then need to be taken to the doctor for a consultation and medication.

Both of these possibilities are available for Tommy, however, if we think of these as separate branches on a tree, we can see that Tommy has in fact got two possible ‘branches’ as it were to his tree. His life could lead him to one of those two possible branches. So let’s look at his normal day as branch A and then his sick day as branch B, then we can say from there that each branch has its own branch A and B as so on and so on until we have the tree diagram above. This also applies to your choices. Very much like the Butterfly Effect in time travel, we can think of our choices as the butterflies we tread on and any choice we make can in fact create a different timeline/alternate reality. If Tommy decided to go to school sick, he would’ve made his friend sick and thus the cold would’ve spread to other students, and let’s suppose one of those children has a weak immune system and dies, Tommy’s choice to go to school sick would’ve killed a child. However, because he did not, this child will survive and all will be as normal.

Two possible realities exist in this scenario and any choice we make can determine which reality we take.

Can I Go There?

Theoretically it would be possible, but the implications it would have on both realities would be devastating. Imagine you have a piece of paper and you push a pencil through it, it’s only one little hole right? Now imagine punching a dozen or so holes into that paper and you will find with each hole the integrity of the paper is compromised more and more. This is exactly what will happen if we one day develop the technology to travel between alternate realities.

You’re probably thinking, how could we even do this? Well, if you believe science fiction, and please let’s keep in mind this is all hypothetical, if you had to cross over the only way to do it would be to create a hole in the universe. This would mean creating a black hole like they are currently trying to do at CERN in Switzerland. This is scary as the likelihood of them actually doing more damage than good is something that needs to be considered.

I am telling you upfront, I am no scientist and do not claim to know all they do. What I can tell you is that, if what they say is true, parallel worlds should be left in peace. Your choices where you are right now, will affect you in THIS world. What happens beyond that, has nothing to do with you and you shouldn\’t worry about it.

If you have anything else you\’d like to add or any comments, post it in the comments for myself as well as all your fellow avidReaders. We’d love to know what you have to say! πŸ˜ƒ

God bless you, my darling avidReaders. πŸ˜‡

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