“That TV will rot your brains!”

How many of us have heard our parents saying this growing up? Did we listen? Well, Netflix can tell you that answer. TV is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The days of watching solely off a TV screen are long gone. With the rise of technology and the discovery of laptops, tablets and smartphones, technology has started to move away from traditional TVs and onto smart TVs (android based televisions), laptops, phones, tablets as well as android converters (converts your TV to an android based television). With streaming services becoming popular the days of watching what was on TV is gone. People can now binge watch their favorite TV shows in a single week through any number of streaming services.

Is this healthy for us, though? Well, anyone can tell you it’s not. Scientists recently conducted experiments where they took a deeper look into this, and their findings were astounding.

Their research concluded that persons in the age range of 40 – 60 years old suffered major mental health issues when watching too much TV. This is because too much TV can cause a serious decline and reduction in grey matter and the more you watch, the worse it will get. The action of sitting and being inactive can lead to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon and lung cancer and even early death.

Before you start to think that all this only applies to middle-aged people, you would be sadly mistaken. Young people are also prone to serious health issues if they watch too much TV. Too much TV can impair your language and memory. In fact, watching more than 3 hours a day can actually cause a decline in verbal memory. There are also links to anti-social behavior, lower verbal IQs and altered brain structure. This is caused by the fact that a child’s brain structure is anatomically changed. Scientists have discovered a distinct correlation between borderline personality disorder and depression and watching too much TV. It doesn’t just end there, though. Something else scientists are pondering is whether too much TV can cause aggression and mood disorders.

Watching high intensity drama/action/horror programs on TV causes emotional stimulus as opposed to intellectual stimulus. This causes psychological and behavioral issues. Placing your child in front of the TV is the worst thing you can do. Scientists have directly linked the amount of TV watched to type 2 diabetes. For every 2 hours your child watched TV you increase their chance of getting type 2 diabetes later in life.

So how do I stop it? There are many things you can do to replace your TV time. Please understand watching TV is not bad, but, like all things in life, moderation is key. Physical activities as well as passive ones such as knitting, reading and board games can complement and reduce your TV time.

So, you’re wondering what to do with all this. I did, too. I was so over-whelmed. I wanted to throw my TV out the window, but it’s always important to remember that over-using anything can make it bad for you. The statistics I mentioned above are shocking, but accurate. 3+ hours a day can cause severe problems for your health. Spending time doing something you love and with people you love will always be a healthy substitute for TV.

God bless you all, my darling avidReaders. HAPPY NEW YEAR!🎉😉

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