The Beautiful Gate; Acts 3.

He sat in the sun as it burnt down on his face. It was a hot day and all these two men could do was think of their next town. Perhaps they were thirsty? Tired maybe? Whatever their condition it wasn’t enough to keep them from feeling a man tug on their robes. The men looked down and saw a lame man. The men looked at each other.

“Sir? Please, sir, if you have just a little bit of money to spare for a poor lame man?” One of the men, Peter, smiled and shook his head. This man didn’t need money. Peter knew it. John knew it. The only one who didn’t was the beggar.

“I don’t any money for you, but I\’ll tell you what I can give you. Get up, pick up your bed and walk.” The man looked at Peter and thought, ‘What have I got to lose? I’m sitting here lame’ he tried to get up and instantly he did something he hadn’t done since birth–he walked! He got up and looked at Peter and John as tears poured down his face. He thanked Peter as he wept, but Peter said to him, “It isn’t me that healed you, but Christ the Lord Who has worked wonders for His glory. I am just the one He used.”

The man then ran away leaping and praising God!

A short, but beautiful story of the power of God. If you sit in the presence of God and wait in prayer, He can use you and others around you to work His glorious wonders!

God bless and keep all of you, my precious avids. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’– I wish each and everyone of you a blessed and very merry Christmas!

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