The Best Gift

We’re sitting around the tree. It’s small, but no one cares. It’s not about the tree or the size/number of the presents underneath it. All that matters are that you are here. I could spend all day here by this small tree as long as you are, too. I will always love you. We fight and words are said, but I know that when I need you most all that doesn’t matter–you still love me. You’re the only gift I’ll ever need. At my feet sits my little Jack Russell and snores. Her snores soon turn into little barks and kicking. You’re all the joy I’ll ever need.

We tear our gifts open and smile with joy as we see what is hidden beneath the wrapping. All the love we have for each other gets lifted up and we immediately know that thought and effort was put into each gift. It is then that I burst into tears as I realize that I am loved. It wasn’t the gifts or the tree, it was my family.

If I had to count the times in the year when I needed them, the real gift was the patience and love they had with me. After all, the best gift is your family. Love them. Treasure them and watch as your bond grows.

Merry Christmas, my precious avids. God bless all of you and remember second only to God is your family. I have been blessed this year by all of you.

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