The Dark Silence

It’s cold, the breeze beats against my chest. Is this what death is like? Am I dead? I want to scream, but someone already is. A dark, twisted scream. Like that of a demon. Why is a demon screaming? What is happening? That sick sound makes me shake with fear.

At last, the screams stop. Terror. Dread. Fear. So much violence in the silence. Then I hear something. Something to break the terrible silence. A whisper. Gentle, yet it pierces through me.

“Open.” It says. A shrill voice cries out and I hear the horde as their screams pierce the air. They open the portal and I shrivel back into my hiding place. Dark beasts rush out and fill the air. I want to run, but my legs have gone numb. I can’t breathe. What is happening?

The shrill screaming has gotten louder now mixed with an ungodly scream. Organic screams, like that of a hideous beast and more terrible than anything I’d ever heard or ever seen. What evil lurks here? And why can’t I run?

Keep safe, my precious avidReaders.

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