The Forest

The forest dew lay fresh on the ground. As you walk through the green canopy of trees, the gentle smell of water over-powers you. Refreshing and rejuvenating you as you walk. In the early morning, accompanying the smell of fresh dew is the sound of birds and small wildlife animals twittering in the forest. The cold ground touches your bare feet and makes you shiver with the sudden cold. Your feet are now starting to feel numb from the damp under your feet.

You can smell the flowers as you walk passed—stronger for the damp. The cold pierces right through you and you shiver. There is no sound from the ground as you walk. In the afternoon, the leaves will crunch under your feet, but not now. Not with this damp forest floor. Instead there is silence. A beautiful silence. A peaceful silence and, despite the cold, you don’t regret a thing.

It is afternoon and, as you predicted, you feel the familiar crunch of the leaves under your feet. The cold is replaced by a warmth that is accompanied by a cool breeze—such a freshness to it. A kind of breeze that makes you want to sleep right there on the leaves. You see a squirrel as it rushes passed you into a nearby tree—must be its nest. That is not the only animal you see. It seems all of nature is getting ready to welcome winter into its forests. It won’t be long before you’ll have to stop these walks and exchange them for bundling yourself under blankets in front of a warm fireplace.

You can feel the warm breeze on your face as you walk through the forest. Hear the leaves crunch as you trample them underfoot. All you can hear is your own breathing as you go through this quiet canopy. It won’t be long before mankind has destroyed this forest for their own selfish gain. Why can’t the world share this same peace? Why must they always destroy? Should that day come, you’ll miss this lovely canopy of peace.

I decided to take a break from my language tour. I hope you enjoy the light reading. God bless you all my darling avidReaders.

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