The Ghadians

Snarling, it approaches me. It’s so huge. So very, very huge. They were supposed to destroy all of these. A blood-thirsty monster. A terrifying creature bred for destruction. Its eyes creating a halo all the way around its head. It’s got no ears, but a mouth that could eat a man whole with no effort at all. It’s grey—that’s where it gets its name. The Grey Ripjaw. A vicious creature created by the Ancient Kingdom. A long-passed nation of power-hungry, mad people whose intelligence was only rivalled by that of the Highland City. A people so consumed by their lust for power that creating such a creature was no effort at all—fueled by an all-consuming lust for the souls of men and women. Their poor, helpless victims to be used in their perverted attempts at a dark science forbidden by both man and God. This all rushes through my head when I hear a rustle in the trees behind me and I freeze in my footsteps. Another one? I am truly facing death.

I close my eyes and grimace, bracing myself for the worst. Nothing. I hear a snarl above me and look up. It’s not a Grey, it’s a Blue—a Blue Ripjaw. The counter to the blood thirsty Ripjaw in front of me. He was created by rebel scientists from the Ghadians. A race of protectors to fight the Grey Ripjaws of the ruling Ghadians set to defend the helpless. He stands bravely above me, barely touching the crown of my head, his multiple eyes blinking like that of a serpent. He lets out a low growl and I can see drool drip to the ground in front of me. In a counter to the Blue, the Grey hisses lowly and I see blue drool fall to the ground, unlike the Blue above me with his clear drool. This just shows another stark difference between the two. What I see next terrifies me. The Grey lunges forward and on top of the Blue. I feel it fall on me and roll off—he’s protecting me from getting crushed in their brawl. I sigh when I see him go barrelling into a tree. The Grey drops to the ground and lets out a low growl before getting up and lunging at the Blue again. I flinch when I see this. I’m loudly rooting for the Blue. Egging the Blue on to fight harder and with more courage. This noble creature defending us and it will continue to do so up to the very last of his kind. I hope that day never comes. They are a hero for all mankind and deserve to live in peace like any other noble creature created deserving the love of man. ‘Dear God, protect this noble creature.’ I pray as I watch this fight before me. They continue to fight as blood stains the ground. ‘God, please. God, please.’ I plead for the creature fighting for my safety. I see the Blue come flying at me. I lunge into the bushes to the right, just narrowly missing the Blue as it falls to the ground with the Grey landing right on top of it. They continue their tussle when I hear a shriek. I huddle into a ball and close my eyes. Who was that and who won?

I hope you enjoy this bit of fantasy. Have a great one. God bless you, my darling avidReaders.

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