The Meaning of Christmas

I’m listening to Christmas music right now and it’s a real boost to the spirits. We all celebrate in our own way. Some are still working, while others are enjoying their early leave, but, whatever the case is, it would seem Christmas can mean something different to each person. For some people it could mean presents for their children, for others it could mean a well-earned break. For me, though, it means a Christmas tree. For some reason ever since I was small I have loved the lights of a Christmas tree. I think I did mention this in an earlier article, but I find them comforting and I just love their magic. It’s coming to that time to put it up again and once again the magic will begin and nights will be spent with the Christmas lights shining. In all the pictures on the internet and nearly every movie there is a Christmas tree and a fireplace. It’s almost like the two belong together. I wish we could’ve had a fireplace.

Something else that makes me think of Christmas is my uncle and his giant bowl of watermelon that he used to bring my cousins and I when we would swim in their pool. We would swim around and then come to the edge for a piece of watermelon before disappearing again. I swear my uncle gave us half a watermelon in that bowl. Memories of my family all around us for Christmas. Memories of swimming in my cousins’ pool, their trampoline and that huge bowl of watermelon. As well as sitting playing monopoly on my aunt’s carpet with all the cousins. We are quite a big family–my dad has 6 siblings all of which had at least two children. You can do the math there.

When it comes down to it, Christmas is something that you feel in your heart. If you are not feeling the merriment in your heart and you need something or someone to make you feel it, then you are really hollow on the inside. There’s no joy in your heart–no happiness. Have you ever met one of these people? They are never satisfied no matter what you do or what you say. These people can never know the joy that comes with gathering with your friends and family and just being together. I’m looking forward to my holiday break to be with my family. With all the people I love most in the world.

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Merry Christmas, my avidReaders. God bless you all.

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