The Stranger –Act 1; Scene 1

Below I have attached a segment of my book “The Stranger” which originally was meant to be a screenplay, but well, it turned into a full book. You can find the book chapter for chapter on my Patreon page. I may even put them on my Ko-fi page (find the link on the right). Anyways, here’s the screen play…

A stranger is walking through the rain when he comes across an inn…

Meanwhile inside the inn-keeper is plagued by a certain circumstance….

*The Stranger knocks.*

Inn-keeper: “And what seekest thou at such an hour as this?”

Stranger: “My dear lady, I seek only refuge, meat and drink with which to sustain myself.”

Inn-keeper: “And what art thou willing to give for such a service as this?”

Stranger: “Whatsoever seemeth fair to thee, my lady.”

Inn-keeper ponders on her current predicament and an idea occurs to her…

Inn-keeper: “ ‘Whatsoever’ sayest thou? What I will require is a lofty price, art thou sure thou canst pay it?”

Stranger: “My Lady, name it only.”

Inn-keeper: “Promise me that what corresponds between yourself and I shall never see daylight?”

Stranger: “My Lady, pray ask! It is cold and I wish for this transaction to take place.”

Inn-keeper: “Sir, hold your peace and come in. We must talk in secret.”

Stranger: “I begin to doubt the honour or integrity of your request, my lady.”

Inn-keeper: “Do not doubt what does not exist. Let us no longer delay. My request is simple: Kill my son.”

Stranger: “Canst thou ask such a thing so coldly of a stranger? And require no name of him?”

Inn-keeper: “Would you give it so freely? Is it fit to know the name of thy son’s murderer?”

Stranger: “If it is of your request, then perhaps so?”

Inn-keeper: “I do not wish to know. That is for you to keep. No one need know your name.”

Stranger: “My Lady, how is it you come to ask a man such as I to murder your own flesh and blood?”

Inn-keeper: “He has dishonoured our name and has dragged my family so low that I am now a lowly inn-keeper. Not even an inn-keeper’s wife. As my ass of an husband was so ashamed of our son that he drank himself into his own grave! I was a great Lady, but for my son’s own lust for drink and women we lost our home and title. Our only chance is through my son’s grave and so it shall be!”

Stranger: “Although, I am of your shared opinion, I am of the mind that murder is a most precarious and secretive task. I need assurances that if I do so, no blame will ever be cast on me.”

Inn-keeper: “This I may not be able to grant, but I will do everything in my power to insure no harm comes to you…under one condition: My name or location must never be mentioned.”

Stranger: “You know not mine, nor shall I share yours. It is only just, is it not?”

Inn-keeper: “It is. I care not how you conduct your work, only find him and complete your assignment.”

Stranger: “It will be as we agreed. Only I need some assurance that you will not betray me under the event of your capture, if such a thing occurs.”

Inn-keeper: “We will talk further in the morning. Right now you eat and drink, and I will arrange a room for your rest.”

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