Why Eat That?

All of us can agree that we don’t all eat the same things. Whether it be allergies, food intolerance or just a general distaste for certain foods, there’s just something about those foods that doesn’t sit right with us, but there’s also certain foods that, despite all reason, just seem to keep us coming back for that second helping.

I remember, when I was in elementary school, my favourite snack was dried 2-minute noodles. My mother would pack it in for me for lunch sometimes and it made me so happy. All my friends would look at me, not understanding how I could eat them like that. Then later when I was in primary school it was sandwiches, but not with peanut butter or bovril and cheese. No, no, my favourite snack was a “sugar sandwich”. Yes. That was my favourite snack. Where we all know the famous peanut butter and chutney combo, my father has his own special take on the ideal sandwich, this may be where I got my weirdly adventurous sandwich tastes. My father puts peanut butter, tomato, chutney and salt&pepper on his sandwich. If you had to ask my mother what her choice of snack was she’d say jelly powder, sometimes straight out the packet–this consequently got me hooked on it myself. The two of us would sit, watch TV and eat jelly powder out of little bowls like it was sherbet or, as I mentioned above, sometimes straight out the packet!

So you can see that there are just some foods that don’t make sense but still taste good. I’m going to write about the most popular, yet weird, food combinations I’ve come across. I’ve already mentioned a few of our family favourites, but thought I’d ask around and see what others I could get from my friends and other family members.

Most little girls at some point in their lives have had a fascination with fairies or mermaids. Our next weird, yet delicious, food combo takes advantage of that. It is called a “fairy sandwich”. This “fairy food” was a special treat my uncle made for his daughter. He was the one who coined the name “fairy sandwich”. Now, what is this lovely fairy food? Well, quite simply, it is peanut butter sandwiches with sugar sprinkled on top. In the words of my cousin, “And what little girl doesn’t want to eat fairy food?” Too true, what little girl doesn’t?

This next weird food combo comes from a friend who says when her sister-in-law was pregnant she had a variety of weird cravings, which is typical of pregnancy cravings. Hers however had a distinct obsession with peanut butter. It seems she ate peanut butter with almost anything. She would eat it with russians, spinach, marmite and cheese. She would also eat potjiekos with syrup and pieces of chicken with ham and cheese. So it’s fair to say that cravings can make us eat weird and unorthodox things.

Another weird food combo is something that is rather peculiar. However it is supposed to be rather delicious. It is a marmite and lettuce sandwich.

Another unorthodox, yet common treat among school children, is an Indian sweet. It is lime slices in a small plastic bag with syrup, sometimes coollade, and various food colorings. The children buy it and then bite a small hole through the bottom and suck the juice through the hole. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour and a very affordable and popular snack for school children.

A food combination that sounds odd, but really works is peanut butter and cucumber. Among the various peanut butter combos mentioned so far, I think this one sounds like something I, myself, would try.

They say that one’s childhood leaks through into your adult life even down to places you go or to the foods you eat even how you cook them. This next food combination is a perfect example of that. The friend who suggested this said that, as a child, her mother got her siblings and herself hooked on this. The food combination in question is simple enough. Toast with mayonnaise and banana. She mentioned that the reason she liked it so much was because it was very close to what banana salad would be like.

I have only mentioned a few of the weird and wonderful food combinations out there, but from the above we can all agree that somethings, no matter how weird, just appeal to certain people.

Maybe the next time someone offers you something, try it. You never know you may find that, no matter how weird, it becomes your new favourite.

Thank you again for reading this post. I hope to write again soon.

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