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I’ve always wondered about video editing. How do they get it to look so clear and crisp? When I take a video, I look like the Dark Lord from Lord of the Rings. If you’re as curious as I am, here is something to answer that question.

There is various software you can make use of when video editing. There are options such Hitfilm Express, which is a free video editor or perhaps you want to make use of Adobe Premiere the #1 paid video editor in the industry? Whatever your choice, there are dozens of options and dozens of ways to go about editing your videos on YouTube. In this article, I will be discussing the top options for editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Known as the standard-setting editing software in the industry. Adobe Premiere Pro really has it all. It is capable of functioning on PC or Mac iOS. Created as part of the Creative Cloud Licensing program, it was developed by Adobe Systems and has since taken the industry by storm with prices at R9,285 , it is well worth the purchase. It allows you to import footage from any file format with an easy drag and drop option for your videos into your file format. It doesn’t matter if you use DSLR or GoPro, this software will allow to make YouTube videos or even feature films. It offers you precision cutting with the option to trim your edits using their tool “Trim”. This tool allows you to shorten or extend your clips. With Adobe Premiere Pro, many movie editors were able to create and edit films such as Deadpool and Gone Girl. Sounds powerful, doesn’t it? It has definitely earned its rightful place as the #1 video editor on the market.

Vegas Pro 18

At half the price of the Adobe Premiere Pro (R4,821.), the Vegas Pro 18 is functional on normal laptops and PCs. It makes use of A.I. tools to bring you a video that is two steps ahead as well as high-quality effects and provides great audio effects.

The Vegas Pro 18 gives you the ability to take shaky, unsteady images and turn them into stable, pro quality video footage. This technology was built from the ground up by Vegas Pro 18. Along with their stabilization technology comes “Planar Motion Tracking” this allows you to account for images that are not square to your camera. It allows you to manipulate these images as you need to so you can achieve the optimum quality for your videos. Independent workflow or nested timelines is another feature offered by Vegas Pro 18. With this, you can share segments of your work, while keeping the main piece yourself as a backup. Their denoise filter allows you the ability to enhance grainy or dark images to achieve maximum visibility. Should you find yourself using flickering or neon lights, their flicker control feature can either remove the flicker effect or use the tool to add a flickering effect to your video. With all these amazing features, they make a great companion for any video editor.

Final Cut Pro

Created by Macromedia in the mid-90s and later bought out by Apple Inc., it has now become a giant among the video-editing industry. It uses a magnetic timeline, this allows users to cut, trim or reorder videos without syncing problems or collisions of videos. They also provide means by which users can bundle video and audio clip into a single, bundle video. This software functions best on MacOS Catalina¬†10.15.6 or later, they offer a range of features. At professional-level, non-linear, non-destructive video editing software. Its latest updates have now made it faster and more reliable. Its software utilizes Apple\’s Metal interface for improved performance as well as a 64-bit application that works on MacOS Mojave and later. It is capable of editing HD, 4K, 8K and 360-degree videos. Extra add-ons available for this software are “Motion” and “Compressor”. These add-ons really expand Apple’s video editing interface by giving users the ability to really make your videos really pop as well as allowing you to export your videos to a variety of different formats. Colour-coding allows users to differentiate between their content. Famous movies such as 500 Days of Summer, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Leverage, Social Network and X-Men: Origins were made using this software. This application is purchasable at $599.99 (R9181,74)

HitFilm Express:

HitFilm Express is a revolutionary piece of software available for free for gamers, students and YouTubers on a budget. It is easy to use and it offers all of the same features offered by the above applications. Revolutionary workflow, video editing, compositor\’s toolkit, colour-correction and grading, keying and extraction, tracking and file handling are offered by HitFilm Express. Within these are tools for special effects, combined timelines, mask editing, animation tools, multiple streams, audio mixer, cinematic looks, green screen effect, lightning and electricity effects and can work with various video formats.

It functions on PC and Apple Mac devices. Hitfilm Express also offers free support training for any user of their software.

As you can see by the above there are many tools such other tools include FilmoraX, YouTube Video Editor and Davinci Resolve (free or purchasable). The above I mentioned are great whether you are making feature films or just starting out.

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